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Science is a somewhat large game that I made for a school project.


  • You play as a random person who has mistakenly entered Lakritz Laboratories, and must now fight your way through numerous monsters, with the aid of a powerful but inaccurate shotgun.
  • This game has five story levels that take me about twenty minutes to complete and one survival level.
  • This game also has completely custom monsters and weapons.

Other Stuff:

  • The player has a health of one, so the monsters will kill you in one hit.
  • The crosshair is not accurate, so aim a little to the left.
  • Your ammo resets after each level, so there is no need to conserve it.
  • Don't forget to get ammo from the many ammo boxes.
  • I had difficulties with spawning a player with the shotgun, so you must pick up a new one at the start of every level.
  • Remember to report anything wrong or anything you want changed!


  • WASD to move.
  • E to use or pick up ammo.
  • Enter to respawn at anytime.
  • F for flashlight.

Huge thanks to The Hankinator for his AI script.

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