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Space Runner

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Space Runner is a fast paced arcade game. The game has a Sci-Fi touch to it while still feeling realistic. The game consists of very little controls adding a whole new element of game play to it. Dodge obstacles and make it to the end without dying. 

Gameplay: Move left, right, and up to dodge obstacles as you run through the hallway. You will always be moving forward unless you stop or are hit by an object. You must keep your speed and avoid the wall behind you which is always moving forwards. Try to remove all friction and not hit obstacles so you don't get smashed by the moving wall.


  • E - Activate Objects
  • A - Move Left
  • D - Move Right
  • Space - Jump
  • R - Reset Level
  • Esc - Quit Game

Assets Used:

All other assets were created by me or paid for and don't need to be listed.

Download: You can always find the most current download at http://www.indiedb.com/games/space-runner-arcade/downloads

Alternative download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8I_ARJQoVHRalg5MW15WF84RTg/view?usp=sharing

This game was created by DarkLord Projects (aka DarkLord987). This game is for the Leadwerks Winter Game competition and is not intended to make a profit. If this game gets positive feedback I will add more levels, random level generator, and more features in the future.

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