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The Hankinator's fun house


This is my entry for the Winter Games tournament, also my first project with Leadwerks. It's a simple puzzle-ish game, there are 5 rooms. Try to reach the end in the least amount of time (and deaths). Default assets from Leadwerks 3 and Christmas props were used. Also lava texture from http://opengameart.org/node/18855

No idea what min requirements are, Seems to run fine on a AMD FX 8120 with Radeon HD 6870.

Update 3/10/15:

* Added triggers to prevent player from going backwards in door and switch rooms

* Added cross hair

* Made it easier to use switches in switch room

* Door sounds now work (?)

Update 9/17/15:

* So many visual issues fixed

* Reworked door room and barrel room

* New texture for lava that doesn't suck

* Menu system

* Made my very first model, spikes!

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