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The Hankinator's Phantasmagoria


This is my entry for the Summer Games Tournament, this is also my second game in Leadwerks Engine. The objective is to escape(alive). I decided I wanted to make a game like Alien:Isolation. Problem is, I didn't own that game(until very recently)! Based on half of a trailer and some descriptions I read online about the game, I made this game based on how I thought Alien:Isolation might play like. The majority of assets are from the SciFi construction kit. The "music" and some of the sounds came from the sonniss sound pack released during GDC. The rest either came with Leadwerks engine or I made them.

Runs fine on AMD FX 8120 with Radeon 6870

Update 1:

  • Properly initialized fullscreen checkbox.
  • Reduced monster's vision distance.

Update 2:

  • Updated to LE beta for Radeon issues with Catalyst 15.7
  • Messed with the font on menu
  • Slightly increased monster's vision distance

Update 3:

  • Added button to journal entries to resume the game without having to go through the journal/pause menu
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to rotation to jump when clicking the resume button
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