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Twisted Minds (Demo)

Download Website

Twisted Minds is a psychological horror game, cuts into seven different episodes. In each episode, you will explore the darkest part of the human mind.

Note: this is just a demo. Some parts are not polished, there are some (minor) bugs which I couldn't fix as I can't spend any more time on the demo.
Also, I've titled it demo whereas it's really more of a show off rather than an actual demo of the gameplay from the main game! You will explore 7 opaintings revealing a bit more about the subject of each episodes.

Support & help
If you are interested in my game and helping me, you can follow these links!
Twisted Minds Kickstarter campaign

  1. Twisted Minds Kickstarter campaign
  2. Jostatu website
  3. Jostatu main YouTube channel
  4. Jostatu - Behind the scenes YouTube channel
  5. Jostatu Facebook page
  6. Jostatu Instagram
  7. Jostatu Twitter
  8. Jostatu Steam group
  9. r/Jostatu

Or, if you are interested in my projects in general, My personnal blog

Thank you,


How to play

W: go forward

A: go left

S: go backward

D: go right

Shift: run

I'm sorry I didn't have time to finish the key binding program :(


If you want to discuss about the demo, you can go to r/Jostatu and join the discussion under the Twisted Minds demo available now! (Steam or Leadwerk official website) post! Or post them in the comment below.

Facebook Twitter Youtube Github Steam
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