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Modification of the Marble Template game that comes with Leadwerks.

  • Moveable camera (90 degree increments).
  • Particles (whoooot!)
  • Space setting with some more complicated geometry.

Done for the Leadwerks 2015 Summer Game Contest.

I only had the one day to get this done so it is more of a prototype than a complete game...only 1 level I'm afraid.

Keys are

  • WASD - Forward/Back/Left Right
  • Q - Switch Camera 90 degree anti-clockwise
  • E - Switch Camera 90 degree clockwise
  • Space - Jump

Instructions - Collect the 10 'Energy Spheres' - the yellow ball things(!) in the shortest time possible.

It is possible to time the jumping mechanic to do some bigger jumps and therefore shortcuts, if you can control it.

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