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Underwater Asteroids


This is Underwater Asteroids the Minigame! This game is based off of Asteroids (a classic 2D game).

You are a submarine stuck in an underwater asteroid field. How many asteroids will you destroy before you get crushed on the sea floor??


This game uses Shadmars water Prefab(thank you so much Shadmar!!!) as well as rock and plant models from http://nobiax.deviantart.com/ (check this guy out if you need some free good plant/rock models---thank you Nobiax!!). Everything else was made by me.


Download Instructions:

1.download and unzip the folder anywhere you please

2.Go to your project manager and click import

3. Find the unzipped folder and import the UnderwaterAsteroids.brk (maybe it is .werk, I'm not sure)

4.open the project and press run(F6) to play the game.


Gameplay Instructions:

W - move forward

S - move backwards

D - Rotate Right

A - Rotate Left

Q - Rotate Down

E - Rotate Up

R - Reset X and Z Rotation (Important!! use this when you are spinning out of control; doesn't reset Y rotation)

Shift - Brakes (use this to slow down moving speed use R to slow down rotation speed)



Up Arrow - move Up

Down Arrow - move Down

Left Arrow - move Left

Right Arrow - move Right


Hold Spacebar - fire torpedos



1 - Rotate Camera Down

2 - Rotate Camera Up

3 - Move Camera Back

4 - Move Camera Forward

5 - Reset Camera Position

P - Pause Game



-Colliding with anything but plants will hurt you.

-Remember to use "R" when you are spinning out of control!

-This game uses force for movement so use counter force to help you control your movement.

-When you raise out of the water force will push you back down.

-You can shoot torpedos out of water!

-Watch out for falling helicopters.


Have Fun! Any feedback will be much appreciated!!

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