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The Story so far:

The alliance of world has fallen apart and factions has risen in its place, Orion faction is a Waring faction that wants to conquer all the planets under there own name.


Your planet is close to falling and you are on one of the last remaining military bases that is currently under attack, you must fight your way through the base and streets of the local city to the nearest star port and acquire a space ship to take a small group of survivors out of harms way, you must find a place to lay low, build your resources, manage refugees, build ships and take the fight back to your enemy.


Forming a resistance and hitting hard is the plan, hitting supply routes, outposts and more in space and in on world combat.


Have you got what it takes to survive?





Current Project Status:

The project is in very very early development and is pre-alpha status, we are currently working on level design at the moment for the FPS part of the game (pre-space simulation), this is a campaign style set of missions.


What we are planning is that once you go through the campaign missions and get to the space simulation portion of the game then you will be able to chose missions on land and in space, boarding outposts and space stations on raids or taking them over.


we are planning to have several pilot-able space ships that you will be able to dogfight in and capital ships that you can command your wing man in the fight.


Resource gathering - don't worry you do not have to sit watching your lasers hitting roids all day, you can command your ships to do that automatically if you wish.


Upgrade's/crafting/building - you will have the opportunity to upgrade your bases, ships and crew,

Build habitats to house your people, hangers for your ships, manufacturing plants and more.

This is only a portion that is planned for the game and of course you have your say on whats important to you as a gamer..



The picture above shows just one of the prototype (small) hangers that has been created.

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