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  1. Has anyone gotten Visual Studio to compile a single project with multiple cores? It would be nice to use more than 16% of my CPU power.

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    2. JMichael


      I got it working now. I renamed a build target and was editing the wrong one. This is great. I don't know why this isn't enabled by default.

    3. martyj



      You can turn debugging on in "release mode".

      You just have to add Debugging Symbols to your release build.

      I do that with my game so I don't link against the debugging Leadwerks libraries, but instead link against the faster Release libraries.

      I'd recommend this for anyone developing in Leadwerks 4.0

    4. JMichael


      @martyj The problem with that is important error checks the engine does in debug mode will be skipped. No OpenGL errors are checked for in release mode, but an OpenGL error in debug mode will stop the program.

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