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Status Updates posted by Josh

  1. I've got a drop-down box that really drops down (beyond the bounds of the parent window). This is several years in planning.


    1. Genebris


      What a time to be alive!
      I'm kidding but it's actually great!

    2. Josh


      The same code can execute in-game and render on another thread in Vulkan, or can be used to render a GUI to a texture and display it in the 3D world. So yeah, I know it looks simple, but there's a lot in there.

      This will be used for drop-down menus and I want to create a pop-up preview in the assets browser that shows a large view and information about any file you hover over.

  2. GUI system in Leadwerks 5 is working nicely with direct-on-window rendering (no Vulkan code).


    1. Cromartie


      Can you expect something similar from the LE 5?


    2. Cromartie


      I mean working with Terrain.

    3. Josh


      Tessellation is supported, so yes.

  3. Leadwerks 5 beta is updated with terrain transformation / planet rendering features.

  4. Benchmarks have been moved to Steam. I sent you a key if you have been active in the beta forum.

    1. Rick


      Where on steam? I did a search for Leadwerks but didn't see anything that said benchmarks.

    2. Josh


      It’s not released but the key will allow installation

    3. Cromartie
  5. Leadwerks 5 beta updated with streaming terrain C++ example.

  6. Shopping for new laptops and realizing I can save $500 due to Leadwerks 5 efficient utilization of GPU.

  7. Leadwerks 5 beta is updated. Another big performance increase!

  8. Crowdfunding campaign will start October 7th.

    1. 3dart


      wait you not going to just sell it?

  9. Beta testers, the lighting benchmark is now updated. Please report your results.

  10. Found another area where I can get more speed increases in Leadwerks 5. Very interesting info is coming!

  11. In cooperation with Northrop Grumman, our paper "Building Performant VR Applications for Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation" has been accepted for publication at I/ITSEC 2020.

    1. aiaf


      will be available somewhere to read ?

    2. Josh


      Yes, in December.

    3. reepblue



  12. New Kickstarter campaign is coming...

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    2. Gaz


      New Kickstarter campaign ? You mean Leadwerks 5?

    3. Josh


      I do.

    4. Gaz


      Do you know when going to be Release?

  13. Finally was able to pre-compute more of the GI calculation and store in a texture, rendering speed is almost ten times faster when I do this.

    1. Cromartie


      How do I become a beta tester of Leadwerks 5?

  14. How did I ever live without raytracing?

    1. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      Because it was too slow. I remember doing ray-tracing on the Amiga 500. I would leave the computer running all night to get 1 image.

  15. @reepblue Did you receive my chat message through the chat box at the bottom of the page?

    1. reepblue


      Got it now, I'm stuck with my phone through out the day. 

    2. Josh


      Ah, I was curious if the system was working. Thanks.

  16. Voxel raytracing now available in beta build.

  17. I wonder why my dev blog gets 100 views but the news items get 20,000?

    1. Cromartie



    2. wadaltmon


      Different visibility  via search engines? Plus your dev blog is mixed in with all the other people's instead of being categorized separately.

  18. New beta update available with Vulkan validation layer errors fixed.

  19. Wow! I've got error handling with Lua in VSCode working now and it's so good! Makes Lua feel like a "real" language.

  20. SSAO in Vulkan:


  21. Insane Apple switching Mac to ARM chips (not joking): https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/06/19/how-to-play-games-on-an-arm-mac

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    2. reepblue


      On the upside, developing for ARM processors will be less of a nightmare since the development machine will be on the same processor as mobile devices. 

      I'm curious on your plans with this as you were very interested in macOS for the education market.But to be honest, I don't think all those institution are going to be jumping to the new machines on Day one. (My School was still using iMac G5's until 2012!) 

    3. Josh


      I have no idea. Either way, I think porting Leadwerks 5 to Mac will be much easier than 4 would have been, and 3 was. There is no reliance on OpenGL, x86, or Blitz anymore.

      It will work but not being able to play Portal 2 on an iMac is a major buzzkill. Those two things went together so well.

      My old iMac was the best user experience I ever had. It's miles ahead of the laptops. So many little cool things it did. Don't know if I really want a 27" iPhone.

    4. Josh


      This also means we could very well see Leadwerks 5 running on an iPad. The whole editor.

  22. OBJ model saver plugin source code added in plugin SDK: https://github.com/Leadwerks/PluginSDK

  23. Very first pass at SWIG C# binding code for new engine is uploading in beta forum.

    1. JKnife


      What version of .NET is it targeting?

      Be interesting to see if with this if LW5 will get Haxe "support" for free https://haxe.org/manual/target-cs-external-libraries.html

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