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  1. A lot of games have problems running at anything other than 100 or 200% scaling. I see this all the time in my steam catalog. The problem is that the Windows "emulation" of non-DPI aware apps is flawed and reports back wrong screen resolutions, or something like that. If someone is using an odd scaling, your game is not the first one they have seen with this issue.

    in the new engine I worked through all these details and made the GUI resolution-independent. I had to redesign the GUI so it would scale or else it would appear tiny on a screen with 200% scaling.

    There is a command called SetProcessDPIAwsre in windows you could try calling when your game starts.

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  2. I have thought about this. Models are made of surfaces, each of which can have a different material. But a model has only one physics shape. So there isn't an exact correlation between physics shapes and materials, in some cases.

    My solution to this is to implement a BSP tree class for brush geometry. This will store the material for each BSP face because the physics geometry is generated directly from the visual geometry, so it all works out nicely.

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  3. On 5/12/2020 at 3:15 PM, reepblue said:

    That actually makes more sense if you're coming from something quake based.  

    But yeah, the models have to be dividable by 2 inorder for it to snap correctly. 2.56m is the height of a wall.

    The reason for this is because textures are powers of two and they need to line up precisely to scene geometry made with CSG brushes.

    There is a setting in the viewport options that lets you change this to a 10-based grid, or any other number.

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