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  1. Wow! I've got error handling with Lua in VSCode working now and it's so good! Makes Lua feel like a "real" language.

  2. SSAO in Vulkan:


  3. Insane Apple switching Mac to ARM chips (not joking): https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/06/19/how-to-play-games-on-an-arm-mac

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    2. JMK


      Most of your Steam games no longer work in Catalina.

      What made Mac good was when it got more compatible with Windows. This will be very bad. I was going to buy an iMac but not now!

    3. reepblue


      On the upside, developing for ARM processors will be less of a nightmare since the development machine will be on the same processor as mobile devices. 

      I'm curious on your plans with this as you were very interested in macOS for the education market.But to be honest, I don't think all those institution are going to be jumping to the new machines on Day one. (My School was still using iMac G5's until 2012!) 

    4. JMK


      I have no idea. Either way, I think porting Leadwerks 5 to Mac will be much easier than 4 would have been, and 3 was. There is no reliance on OpenGL, x86, or Blitz anymore.

      It will work but not being able to play Portal 2 on an iMac is a major buzzkill. Those two things went together so well.

      My old iMac was the best user experience I ever had. It's miles ahead of the laptops. So many little cool things it did. Don't know if I really want a 27" iPhone.

  4. OBJ model saver plugin source code added in plugin SDK: https://github.com/Leadwerks/PluginSDK

  5. Very first pass at SWIG C# binding code for new engine is uploading in beta forum.

    1. JKnife


      What version of .NET is it targeting?

      Be interesting to see if with this if LW5 will get Haxe "support" for free https://haxe.org/manual/target-cs-external-libraries.html

  6. My paper for the conference is finished and I am back to work. New update tomorrow probably, it just needs some more testing. C++ build times are down to like 10 seconds for a full rebuild. ❤️ 

    1. JMK


      About 2 seconds for debug builds (after the initial build).

  7. I've got a good start with SWIG. It is similar to tolua++ in that it uses a "cleaned header file" to generate the binding code.

  8. Prediction: LE5 coder split will be C#/Lua/C++ 90/9/1%.

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    2. JMK


      It's currently 90/10% Lua/C++. I don't think programmers will switch languages, I just think that new users will be added that skew the percentage that way. So what is now 90% will become 9% of the new total.

    3. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      Wow. I thought Lua would be more popular but not by that much. I'll go with 40/50/10%

    4. JMK


      We will find out soon! (There's no danger of C++ being de-emphasized or minimized. It's the foundation of everything I'm doing.)

  9. All Discord channels are now private, i.e. it's disabled for now.

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    2. gamecreator


      There is a chat in the bottom right.

    3. JMK


      @carlb That's pretty much proof it was a mistake to give them anything. I should not be in a power struggle with a third party for control of my own community.

    4. wadaltmon


      I think Discord and the forums are entirely different use cases. Discord is pretty much an IRC, apt for asking quick questions and making quick remarks. More in-depth questions are always better suited to the forums.

  10. Pretty darn happy about how the new engine is turning out. It's more Leadwerks than Leadwerks!

  11. LE5 beta update available, collision shape system is finished, includes saving.

  12. New beta build using openal-soft, eliminates the need for the OpanAL installer.

  13. Testing ArrowChat. Press Ctrl + F5.

  14. Beta update available now.

  15. Our rating on Steam has jumped +2% since I stopped listing Linux support on the store page.

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    2. Geldo Ronie

      Geldo Ronie

      oh I see... that makes sense... and with your strategy about less Thirdparty libraries the linux suport could be better in LW5.. \o

    3. aiaf


      Mostly im happy with the quality of linux support, in my workflow i dont use the editor much.

      Ubuntu is pretty good as development machine , if you want something that works out of the box you dont have much alternative.Other distributions are usable but really i want to make some games not to tweak os things.


      As long there is a linux build im good , without steam the better , i didnt like the steam libs in anyway and i feel i help better in the forums that writing steam review.

      Probably newer generation is used to steam.


      Looking forward to the LW5.



    4. JMK


      Next engine will not be a Steam exclusive. Our forum system actually has a system that can allow the editor to log into your account and check purchases, which could be used for registering or logging into the program. I have not used it yet, but I am thinking that will work for the standalone version.

  16. Summer is nearly here...

    1. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      Depends on where you live.

    2. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      Winter is coming for me :P

    3. Geldo Ronie

      Geldo Ronie

      here the winter is coming hahah... 

  17. Steam Library images are now updated.

  18. Resuming work on voxel GI. Now I have some better texture features to help implement this feature.

    1. reepblue


      Stoked. I'm getting some models textured and I want to try level design in the new engine so bad.

    2. JMK


      I decided to try performing the lighting on the CPU, across many threads, then use our DXT compression algorithm to convert that to DXT1 and reduce the GI data size to 12.5% what it would be otherwise before sending it to the GPU in a 3D texture. The challenge will be in making the CPU lighting algorithm really fast, but I have seen how unbelievably fast C++ code is when you aren't making allocations so I think it may be possible.

  19. LE5 beta is updated with Lua debugging in VSCode.

  20. New beta is uploaded, with dynamic navmeshes.

    1. Marcousik


      Maybe it is too early for this question but, Will the navmesh be dynamic ok on big map regarding performances?

    2. JMK


      If not, they can be made smaller since you have control over the navmesh creation.

  21. Considering a dark theme for the forum.

  22. Update available in beta forum.

  23. "Projects" links is back in Community menu. All projects with no content have been made private and will only be visible to the owner.

    1. gamecreator


      How do you define content?

    2. JMK


      Discussions, blogs, or something else. There was a lot of "placeholders".

    3. gamecreator


      Gotcha.  I like it.

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