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  1. Is anyone having trouble accessing the beta branch on Steam? This guy says it does not appear: http://steamcommunity.com/app/251810/discussions/0/1694914735991804265/?tscn=1521103020

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    2. GorzenDev


      using latest for testing downloads about 36.7 mb.
      but the editor still shows 4.5.

      just a guess but shouldnt there be a v4.5 - Archive option if latest would be 4.6 ?

    3. JMK


      There is no 4.5 archive since it is the current default.

      The version number has not been updated in the beta, but the other new stuff is there.

    4. GorzenDev


      Well then confirmed that it works as it should i guess.

      After reading that persons problem again he/she clearly says "beta not available i cant download anything".
      Which is definitely not the case for me.

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