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  1. Ж ? Why?

    1. JoshЖ


      Testing unicode. :D

    2. JoshЖ


      For the login system.

  2. Adding TEXTFIELD_PASSWORD style flag:
  3. To my surprise, the whole system handles names with Unicode characters with no problem.
  4. It is interesting that your blog on our website has twice as many views as your video on YouTube. (Views in the embedded player don't get counted on YouTube.) That means our website is a better place to get exposure for your content than YouTube is.
  5. I will send a PM with a link to download.
  6. The authentication system is now working! When you start the program the first time you will be prompted to enter your forum username and password. The program will log into our website and receive an OAuth authentication token. It's not too strict right now, and it's not check for purchases on our site, since some people got this through Kickstarter or elsewhere. If you go to your account settings here you can see the app has paired with your account: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/settings/apps/ If you click the "Remove" button, the saved authentication token will be i
  7. It's a little different, but give this a try...

    1. JoshЖ


      The Community > Forum menu in the header above still links to the expected place.

  8. Okay, sorry about that. I sent a Steam key. I now have a system in place that sends these out automatically but it was not implemented at the time your order was received, so I will still sending those out by hand.
  9. I see it...just a moment...
  10. How did you purchase it? Kickstarter or on our site?
  11. No, they are separate products. Ultra App Kit has no 3D rendering capabilities, it is just for making desktop GUI applications.
  12. There are too many unknown factors to make this code part of the official API yet, so I am posting it here for now: #ifdef _WIN32 #include <thumbcache.h> #include <shellapi.h> #include <commctrl.h> #endif shared_ptr<Pixmap> FileIcon(const WString& file, const int size) { shared_ptr<Pixmap> pixmap; #ifdef _WIN32 WString path = RealPath(file).Replace("/", "\\"); IShellItemImageFactory* pImageFactory; IShellItem* psiFile; LPCWSTR szFilePath = path.c_str(); auto hr = SHCreateItemFromParsingName(szFilePath, NULL, IID_PPV_ARGS(&pImageFactory)); if (
  13. FileIcon() can be used to retrieve the system icon for any file, and the treeview widget is getting support for icons and checkboxes: 


  14. What changed on your computer? This just stopped working suddenly?
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