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  1. I know because I wrote the estimate for this project. 😉
  2. Josh


    No, I use shader storage buffers for pretty much everything.
  3. Josh


    Ooh cool. I’m doing something similar.
  4. Josh


    I’m curious, what the heck are you doing with the GL shader object?
  5. Both are important but can be learned. In my view the most important thing is a good portfolio showing you know how to make games.
  6. Hey guys, my friends at NASA will soon be searching for a programmer who knows Leadwerks, to make VR games and applications. I am helping them look. If you are a US citizen and are looking for a full-time job as either a programmer using Leadwerks Game Engine or a AAA 3D artist, feel free to send me a message with a video or link to see your past work. I’m just putting this out to see what’s out there right now. Thanks!
  7. Josh

    Hope for car driving 4.6

    Looks great. I am going to try to do it.
  8. Josh

    Navmesh Toggle

    Why would you want to disable the navmesh?
  9. Josh

    Real Bindless Textures

    Previously I talked about array textures acting as "bindless" textures, but there is an actual OpenGL extension that allows a shader to access any texture without the stupid texture binding / slot convention that limits OpenGL 4.0 shaders to a minimum of 16 textures. Implemenation was surprisingly easy, although Mac hardware apparently does not support this extension. When combined with the multi-draw commands in OpenGL 4.3, and some other tricks, it is possible to render multiple sets of objects in one single draw call. Below you can see six instances of three different objects, with different materials applied to them, all rendered in one single command, for ultimate performance. This is basically the final goal of the whole crazy architecture I've been working on for over a year. I will test this a bit more, release an update for the new engine beta, and then at that point I think it will be time to move everything over to Vulkan / Metal.
  10. I want to get the new engine working with (real) bindless textures and at that point I think we will be ready to switch over to Vulcan.

  11. This is interesting. OpenGL has important features Vulkan still lacks: 


    1. carlb


      mmm nvidia extension dont normal work with amd cards

      and that be why it not in vulkan, as nvidia not releasing it 

    2. Josh


      Okay, it looks like Vulkan will already do what we need.

  12. Josh

    SetScale will crash LE without warning

    You are very likely causing a divide by zero to occur.
  13. Josh

    SetScale will crash LE without warning

    What is the value that crashes it? I could see 0 causing this.
  14. Josh

    AABB will not detect all entities

    I think it would be better to transform the center of the desired bounding box and then give it equal dimensions. The AABB will be aligned to global space, so it is getting squished at some angles, the way you have it now.