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  1. The command will detect all entities that intersect the bounding box you provide. This includes the light radius.
  2. Why not call forEachentityinAABB..., check for lights, check the light far range, and calculate how bright the model should be based on distance?
  3. Default branch is updated, floating boxes are fixed.

  4. I think the only possible solution is to have local nav meshes with a limited area connected by a hand-placed “highway” type of system.
  5. Seriously, how the heck would you plot a path from San Diego to Orlando? It can't be done without loading data for the entire route in between. Perhaps the navmesh should have a distance limit for pathfinding. @Iris3D Games Thank you but the beta will not be on Steam.
  6. Pressure? What pressure?
  7. We have a setting for rotation but not for repositioning the character. I suppose you could just create a pivot for the character physics and make the visual model a child of that.
  8. That is a difficult question to answer. I don't know if I will have a solution to that when 1.0 comes out.
  9. Josh

    New game engine examples

    Long video here:
  10. Josh

    New game engine examples

    Here's a good shootempup: https://store.steampowered.com/app/667600/Sky_Force_Reloaded/
  11. Subscribers can now download my current revision of the Turbo Game Engine design document in the private forum here: Here are a few excerpts: The document is still evolving so expect changes and updates.
  12. Clone brush or copy and paste one horizontal line is how I would do it.
  13. The model's origin should be at its feet.
  14. Fortunately you uploaded an alpha and I can extract the scripts from that. You NEED to use a version control system. At the very least use DropBox, SVN is better.
  15. It sounds like your hard drive might be failing. The editor does not erase files like that. What kind of repository system are you using for your project?
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