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  1. Josh

    Headshot Kills?

    Maybe check the entity name and increase the damage if it is “head” or whatever.
  2. Josh

    Headshot Kills?

    If pickinfo.entity is the characters head it’s a headshot.
  3. Josh

    Headshot Kills?

    Yes. Find where this function is called and you can get the picked entity.
  4. Josh

    Headshot Kills?

    There is a part in the script, either the player or weapon script, I can’t remember, where an entity is picked and then it calls something like GetTopParent() to return the enemy. The picked entity could be the head of another part of the body so if you can find that bit of code you can modify it to also return the picked entity.
  5. Josh

    Headshot Kills?

    You should be able to modify the script and get the exact limb that is hit.
  6. Josh

    New Physics Features in Leadwerks 4.4

    No. There are additional parameters for spring damping that I need to expose to give you more control.
  7. Josh

    Metal / Roughness together or separate?

    No, we would not do that. I think you will be happy with the result.
  8. Posters have been shipped!

  9. Josh


    Upload your project here?
  10. Josh

    Metal / Roughness together or separate?

    I think we will probably use GLTF for models and maybe materials, and then load image, DDS, and KTX files directly. A JPG texture is going to be slower-loading than a DDS texture, but it is convenient and if you want the extra loading performance you can use DDS. A converter will be used to convert all MDL and TEX files into these formats.
  11. You will get some more control over spring settings in the next update, but that looks great! Reminds me of Spintires.
  12. Josh

    Metal / Roughness together or separate?

    Okay, it looks like the new format is called KTX: https://www.khronos.org/opengles/sdk/tools/KTX/file_format_spec/ This is very very similar to our TEX format.
  13. Josh


    I think it makes the most sense to start with a simple case and call Interpreter::ExecuteFile() to execute a script that has your commands in it: speaker = hello:new() speaker:SayHello() Look at the console output and see if it prints a Lua error.
  14. Josh

    Metal / Roughness together or separate?

    I don't think they have any texture format yet, but I saw an announcement Khronos is working on it. So yeah, then I would probably. Any extra info from our engine can be stored in the "extra" node in the format, which is exactly what it was put there for. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, BTW.
  15. Josh

    Metal / Roughness together or separate?

    That makes it just another transfer format. I am talking about using it as the official file format. There would be no import / conversion it would just be loaded as-is.