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  1. What part are you having trouble with?
  2. It means I am not pushing to do a crowdfunding campaign before November. It could actually mean an earlier release date because I don’t have to deal with all the logistics of the conference and its aftermath. I was expecting to not really get anything done between now and January but I guess now there will be more time to code.
  3. The upcoming conference in December 2020, where my paper was accepted and I was planning to have a booth, has been cancelled. I withdrew the paper, because it's no fun without doing a Steve Jobs style presentation. My rollout plans revolved around this event, so with that eliminated the timeline is now going to be optimized for what I think will give the best results. I was getting ready for a very stressful few months in the run-up to this event, so now going back to quietly coding away is a little bit anticlimactic. Since it appears I will be doing this for the rest of the year at least
  4. A lot of games have problems running at anything other than 100 or 200% scaling. I see this all the time in my steam catalog. The problem is that the Windows "emulation" of non-DPI aware apps is flawed and reports back wrong screen resolutions, or something like that. If someone is using an odd scaling, your game is not the first one they have seen with this issue. in the new engine I worked through all these details and made the GUI resolution-independent. I had to redesign the GUI so it would scale or else it would appear tiny on a screen with 200% scaling. There is a command calle
  5. Josh

    GUI Work

    The terrain streaming / planet rendering stuff was the last of the feature creep. That finishes out the features I have planned for the first release of the new engine. My approach for development has been to go very broad so I could get a handle on how all the features work together, solve the hard problems, and then fill in the details when convenient. The hard problems are all solved so now it's just a matter of finishing things, Consequently, I don't think my blogs are going to make any more groundbreaking feature announcements, but rather are going to show steady improvement of each
  6. This command will retrieve the bone by name: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_FindChild
  7. Pick the bone in the hierarchy where you want the animation to start, and just call PlayAnimation() on that one: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_PlayAnimation To control your model's head, remove animation frames from the model at that point in the hierarchy, if possible.
  8. I have thought about this. Models are made of surfaces, each of which can have a different material. But a model has only one physics shape. So there isn't an exact correlation between physics shapes and materials, in some cases. My solution to this is to implement a BSP tree class for brush geometry. This will store the material for each BSP face because the physics geometry is generated directly from the visual geometry, so it all works out nicely.
  9. I've got a drop-down box that really drops down (beyond the bounds of the parent window). This is several years in planning.


    1. Genebris


      What a time to be alive!
      I'm kidding but it's actually great!

    2. Josh


      The same code can execute in-game and render on another thread in Vulkan, or can be used to render a GUI to a texture and display it in the 3D world. So yeah, I know it looks simple, but there's a lot in there.

      This will be used for drop-down menus and I want to create a pop-up preview in the assets browser that shows a large view and information about any file you hover over.

  10. Josh

    Terrain Deformation

    Not in the initial release, possibly later. The system I am working on is designed to display full-scale real planets. I don’t think voxels can do that without an enormous database bigger than all of Google Earth’s data.
  11. Josh

    Terrain Deformation

    It would require another system for voxel terrain. This is meant for displaying GIS data.
  12. GUI system in Leadwerks 5 is working nicely with direct-on-window rendering (no Vulkan code).


    1. Cromartie


      Can you expect something similar from the LE 5?


    2. Cromartie


      I mean working with Terrain.

    3. Josh


      Tessellation is supported, so yes.

  13. You could create a custom widget and reposition it when the mouse moves.
  14. An update is available for Leadwerks 5 beta on Steam that adds a World::SetSkyColor() command. This allows you to set a gradient for PBR reflections when no skybox is in use. I learned with Leadwerks 4 that default settings are important. The vast majority of screenshots people show off are going to use whatever default rendering settings I program in. We need a good balance between quality and performance for the engine to use as defaults. Therefore, the engine will use SSAO and bloom effects by default, a gentle gradient will be applied to PBR reflections, and the metal / roughness valu
  15. Leadwerks 5 beta is updated with terrain transformation / planet rendering features.

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