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  1. Dealing with window resizing in Vulkan...again, something that is a total non-issue in OpenGL will take several days to work out in Vulkan.

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    2. Josh


      I actually came up with a pretty good solution. Rather than trying to handle resizing with all the swapchain and threading stuff, I just delete the window and create a new one. If you wanted to create a resizable game or application window, it is best to create the resizable window, and then make a child window the framebuffer is created on. When the parent window is resizaed, delete the Vulkan window and create a new window and framebuffer.

    3. reepblue


      Interesting. But what about just deleting the window and reassigning it to a new window? Is the issue with the window, the framebuffer or both? 

    4. Josh


      A framebuffer is created on one window and cannot be changed to another one.

  2. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_Lua-Scripting_Tables
  3. Making progress. I am going to run it from the Leadwerks source code next and see if we can make the positioning work after the joints are created...
  4. @reepblueI think FolderLocation(FOLDER_FONTS) will provide what you need.
  5. Click on the "Manage" button and it will show your Steam key: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-TFBN-1352
  6. I will spend some more time on it tomorrow and see what I find. For some reason, if I move the SetRotation() / SetPosition() calls after the joint creation, the program crashes. That is the way I would expect to implement this, because you want to create the joints in the starting orientation to get the right angles.
  7. Compiled the new 3D engine for the first time since I started working hard on the app kit, and it's building now with no problems after some fixes. Good progress.

    1. Josh


      Engine is running fine now.

    2. wadaltmon



  8. Right, but when we try to improve this it is confusing to have multiple layers of stuff to deal with. I think we need to separate the visible mesh and the physics ragdoll next so we can debug it more easily. When I try to change your code it behaves in unpredictable ways and I can't tell what is happening.
  9. While physics are still in development, I would expect to see this: The animated model moves around. When the ragdoll is activated, the animated model is hidden or deleted, and a ragdoll made out of boxes is visible. When the player is reset, the ragdoll is deleted and a new copy of the model is loaded / created.
  10. Is this video meent to demonstrate a problem? It looks quite stable to me. Why would you not just create a new model when the player is reset? Why bother trying to restore it when you can just create another one and delete the old one? I think it is probably best to first create a ragdoll with visible boxes for testing, rather than trying to show the animated model use the physics before the physics are finished. Right now it is confusing because you are still trying to test the physics and make a skinned model match the physics model. Those are two separate problems that are being m
  11. Calling SetParent on bones in an animated model seems like a very bad idea to me...still looking at this...
  12. Maybe go to add/remove a program and look if there were some recent Windows updates. I don't know if I would roll those back but it could tell you something. And install the latest driver from the graphics vendor.
  13. I'm thinking a graphics driver update occurred automatically?
  14. Can you send a screenshot please?
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