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  2. Try adding an actor to the top level entity and performing the rotation in the Draw function. I believe this will occur after animation is performed.
  3. I just wanted to see if I could create a weak pointer for BlitzMax. No real point to this and I don't know if it actually works. Was interesting. SuperStrict Import Import "ObjectFromPointer.c" Extern "C" Function ObjectFromPointer:Object(pointer:Byte Ptr) EndExtern Rem void* ObjectFromPointer(void* p) { return p; } EndRem Type SharedObject Method Delete() If<>Null EndIf EndMethod EndType Type TWeakPtr Global map:TMap Field id:Int Field pointer:Byte Ptr Field address:String Method Lock:Object() Local pointer:Byte Ptr = Byte Ptr(Int(String(map.ValueForKey(address)))) Local o:Object = ObjectFromPointer(pointer) Return o EndMethod Function Create(o:SharedObject) Local weakptr:TWeakPtr=New TWeakPtr weakptr.pointer = Byte Ptr(o) weakptr.address:String = String(Int(weakptr.pointer)) map.Insert(weakptr.address,weakptr.address) EndFunction EndType
  4. Are you using the PlayAnimation() command? It will smoothly transition animations for you automatically:
  5. Leadwerks 5 will not be production-ready for quite some time so you may want to make your next game in Leadwerks 4.x, which will remain stable.
  6. i.e. don't set the body shape or physics mode at all if you use the manual hack I showed you.
  7. You must do exactly as I described in my PM or it will crash.
  8. Medium gray Leadwerks hoodie by American Apparel is back in stock:

  9. Yeah, I filled in my legal name since the company is presently a sole proprietership. Will see if I can change it from that with 2checkout.
  10. I used #ifdef LEADWERKS_5 all over the place but everything is hacked up pretty bad right now. Leadwerks 4 won't currently compile, but it shouldn't be too hard to fix. My next goal is to get Leadwerks 4 compiling again, and then we will have 4.5 and beta 5 released in November-December. If you want to help me test the subscription service you can purchase it now. Please note the beta is not yet available, and all this does is put you in the "Subscribers" group and give you more storage space on the website, so this is more like Patreon at the moment: I purchased a subscription for myself and it will be interesting to see how the system works when it comes time to renew.
  11. Successfully built Leadwerks 5 as a 64-bit executable, with C++11 shared pointers and unicode support!

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    2. Evayr


      Nice! Looks like you're getting there :)

    3. Josh


      I'm going to focus back on Leadwerks 4 development.  My goal is to get 4.5 and 5 beta out before Christmas.  And we're going to have a new game tournament soon.

      Together with the top secret project that will give me plenty to do for the rest of the year.

    4. Evayr


      Yess! Good news!

  12. In version 4.4+ you can upload your project and let Julio Jerez, the author of Newton, debug your game from the Newton DLL.
  13. Leadwerks 5 is going to be developed alongside 4.5 with an extended period of beta testing and feedback. My goal is to build the world's most advanced game design software, tailored to the needs of our community and clients. Development will first focus on a new programming API updated for C++11 and then a completely new editor using Leadwerks GUI and based on the workflow developed with our current editor. The first beta will support the following features right away: Shared Pointers Unicode support 64-bit These features are already working. Here is a working build you can try right now: This is the actual source code used to make this example. Note that C++11 shared pointers have been implemented for all objects and the API has been simplified to make your code more readable: #include "Leadwerks.h" using namespace Leadwerks; int main(int argc, const char *argv[]) { auto window = CreateWindow(); auto context = CreateContext(window); auto world = CreateWorld(); auto camera = CreateCamera(world); camera->Move(0, 0, -3); auto light = CreateDirectionalLight(world); light->SetRotation(35, 35, 0); light->SetShadowMode(0); auto model = CreateBox(world); model->SetColor(0.0, 1.0, 0.92); while (not window->Closed()) { if (window->KeyHit(EscapeKey)) break; if (model) model->Turn(0, 1, 0); if (window->KeyHit(SpaceKey)) model = nullptr; world->Update(); world->Render(context); } return 0; } The beta will be available to developers who want to try the very latest game development technology, with a subscription plan of just $4.99 a month, available through our website.
  14. Image4.png.559c4099ad4074039ec1813e93f3dc05.png

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    2. jen


      I had this made some time ago after I suggested the idea about the new logo but thought it wasn't a good idea, here it is anyway: a subtle iteration of the current logo, turning the font to a more rectangular shape. Simple change, significant enough, less work to do!


    3. Berken


      Awesome logo :)

      I made a logo too for LE5. I know, this is really bad because i'm not good at photoshop and illustrator.


    4. Josh
  15. Setting up 64-bit build of Leadwerks 5 beta...