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  1. If you are interested in selling scripts or shaders in the Workshop Store, talk to me.  I would like to release a few items at once and have an announcement for it.

    1. reepblue


      Just after I put Luawerks up for free. *grumble*. 

      I'm interested if you think something like that can work, I can the spend time going over the code and cleaning it up. There were also features I wanted to add when the new GUI came online.  

    2. Josh


      There's a lot more people who don't have it than have it.  You could just re-release it on Workshop.

    3. reepblue


      Alright, I'll go through it with a fine comb and publish it! :)

  2. Ah, that makes sense. Do this once after your map is loaded to get the terrain entity: local n for n=0,world:CountEntities()-1 do local entity = world:GetEntity(n) if entity:GetClassName()=="Terrain" then terrain = entity break end end
  3. The renderer will automatically hide parts of terrain that are not visible.
  4. Yes. The 4.x API isn't going to change, so we're probably at a point where it's okay to start selling scripts and shaders in the Workshop store, if you are interested.
  5. One of the remaining tasks is to use a script to change the browser URL so it automatically updates to this: And then use an htaccess rewrite rule so that this will work: .../learn/API-Reference/Object/Entity/Camera/SetFOV
  6. The Workshop has actually started finally picking up, enough that one artist who has a lot of content is very interested in publishing his own stuff, instead of waiting for me to convert models for him. That was my whole goal, to make it self-sustaining so sellers were motivated to publish their items. So it looks like it will be good, and it just took a while to get going.
  7. Putting all the OpenGL classes up on GitHub (I might rename the main class GraphicsEngine instead of GraphicsDriver) might be a way to stay flexible. The code would show how I did everything in OpenGL, and if anyone wanted to they could implement new classes based on Vulkan, Metal, DX, or whatever. You can do this right now with Leadwerks 4 but it's pretty hard to figure out when you only have header files. You could even modify it for OpenGL 4.5 and find out if the newer features even make a difference, and how much.
  8. Khronos also put out Collada, which is a dead exchange file format no one uses. They have a dozen specifications, all with lots of logos from all around the tech industry, and OpenGL has been their only hit. None of those companies really believe in Vulkan. If they did, why would they still be supporting DX or OpenGL? I'm afraid we're going back to the days of proprietary fragmented APIs. Actually, now Khronos wants to create another standard to work as an abstraction layer for all their other standards!: They're not even trying to get people to adopt Vulkan anymore, now they are trying to make a wrapper for DX12 and Metal. So really shouldn't "Khronos 3D Portability Standard" be considered the future? Regarding direct state access, it's not part of the 4.0 spec, so no. Looks like that was added in GL 4.5, and Mac supports up to 4.1.
  9. A lot of those guys jump on anything new just so their name can be associated with it in case it works out. They also said OUYA was the future and we were all going to be playing game consoles that were made out of a thumb drive. Notice there are no Vulkan-exclusive games in existence. It's always just an experimental feature people add on to another renderer. Microsoft has a solid working API that reliably does everything Vulkan does, except run on Linux, and Apple is not interested in Vulkan. So really I would say DX12 is the future for a long time. We will see.
  10. Ah, it looks like it does work with the beta build.
  11. Alright, I created a "down for maintenance" message and I will work on an update.
  12. Dang, even if I mess around with the pages there is no way to fix this on the server side and the new version isn't ready yet. Just the SSL switch makes the previous path different. I'm going to have to patch this by releasing a new build of the editor on the beta branch. Sorry about that.
  13. Oh yeah, and all models, prefabs, maps, physics shapes, textures, materials, shaders, and post-processing effects will still work just fine with no changes.
  14. No reason to change that. Leadwerks GUI is being developed for version 4.4. It works in a 3D graphics context or directly on a window using OS drawing commands. I had to dig deep into XRender to figure it out. Yes. (The editor will be a big improvement for Linux users especially.)
  15. Culling and rendering will be separate threads. One will gather up batches of surfaces to be rendered, and the other thread will continuously rendering them. This is basically how command buffer APIs work, as I understand it. I don't think Vulkan will offer a big performance increase over the architecture I have in mind. It's only AMD cards that get a significant boost, and OpenGL is still the only cross-platform graphics API for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The niche-ness of Vulkan does not make me feel good about the drivers. The only game I have that supports it crashes a lot (Doom). There's just not enough there to make me want to jump on that bandwagon yet.