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  1. I think an interesting game idea would be to make a multiplayer battle based on these sort of unarmed revolutions in Ukraine and France. Call it "Civil Unrest". There would be lots of weird mechanics and unconventional weapons and strategies different from a standard war game.

    See the source image

    See the source image

    See the source image

    1. gamecreator


      This is tricky because you want something interesting even strangers to Leadwerks will want to play but you don't want to spend years developing it (I assume).  And it has to have enough gameplay/content/replayability that people keep coming back to play (maybe even flexible enough to add new maps/enemies easily).  And as we discussed, even a single player will want to stick around so that others will join him eventually.  People will need to want to have others play with them so there should be a concrete benefit of having more people with you.  So:

      • Long-term content
      • Enjoyable as single-player
      • Unique benefit(s) with coop partners
      • Somehow not take years to make despite the need for content and variety

      Just some thoughts.

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