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  1. Josh

    [4.6 Beta] Crash when using Joint:Ball()

    Thanks for reporting! This is a big help.
  2. In Seattle. This is where this whole VR thing began.

  3. One suggestion would be to pack all those different enemies into one single message. There's no reason that would be any slower than just one.
  4. Josh

    Problem with screen resolution

    It does not yet exist. In development.
  5. We might in the future. The number of people making a multiplayer game is a niche and the number of people who want to do that outside of Steam is a smaller group.
  6. Josh

    Problem with screen resolution

    I doubt it. What is the display scaling factor in Windows display properties? Please upload an example we can run.
  7. Josh

    Problem with screen resolution

    You can install the 4.6 beta, update your project, and see if that fixes the issue. If not I suggest uploading an example here so we can all try it.
  8. Josh

    Problem with screen resolution

    Run your game without the editor.
  9. Josh

    Problem with screen resolution

    Your max resolution will be 1920x1080.
  10. Josh

    Problem with screen resolution

    It's dependent on your monitor resolution and DPI. What is your monitor resolution, and is it a high DPI monitor?
  11. Josh

    Problem with screen resolution

    Leadwerks 4 does not support high DPI resolutions because it would make the GUI tiny.
  12. Josh

    Problem with screen resolution

    Here is the code that creates the window: local gfxmode = System:GetGraphicsMode(System:CountGraphicsModes()-1) if System:GetProperty("devmode")=="1" then gfxmode.x = math.min(1280,gfxmode.x) gfxmode.y = Math:Round(gfxmode.x * 9 / 16) windowstyle = Window.Titlebar else gfxmode.x = System:GetProperty("screenwidth",gfxmode.x) gfxmode.y = System:GetProperty("screenheight",gfxmode.y) windowstyle = Window.Fullscreen end window = Window:Create(title,0,0,gfxmode.x,gfxmode.y,windowstyle) It is set up so that when launched from the editor, it creates a smaller window. If launched alone, it creates a fullscreen window at maximum resolution. This is because you often need to go back and forth with the editor when you are working on a project.
  13. The Origin Space Telescope VR exhibition at the American Astronomical Society conference is powered by Leadwerks: https://aas.org/meetings/aas233

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    2. reepblue


      Take pics and videos. Will any demos be public online?

    3. Josh


      It depends on what they want to do with it. It might go on Steam in the future.

    4. Josh


      I'm heading up there today. I will post pictures if photography is allowed.

  14. Josh

    Emission Map Casting Light?

    It only works with spotlights.
  15. Yes, and it is using Steam's system.