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  1. Will the volume decrease the farther you are away form a 3D source or is that something we need to program ourselves?

    See Source::SetPosition. The sound must be mono for 3D spatialization to work.

  2. Note that '0' and '1' are not the same thing, under the hood. A value of zero will result in use of a regular 2D texture, while a value of one will use a multisample texture...with one sample. This only matters because recent AMD drivers for Windows 10 are displaying corrupt graphics when using the '1' setting:



    Reportedly, a setting of 0 may be 15% faster on Nvidia hardware than a setting of 1, but I have not tested this.


    Therefore, when multisample antialias is disabled, you should use '0' and not '1'.

  3. Interestingly, there is an entire 600 page book on visualizing quaternions. Quaternions are not an angle-axis rotation, they are something like a vector on a 4D sphere. I don't pretend to understand them myself, I just use the standard formulas.

  4. When the closest detection is searched for, it is a slower test. Basically, each time a collision occurs, the line is shortened and it continues to test until a closer collision is found. This is good for projectiles, but if you're just doing a simple line of sight for AI or something, then it's a lot faster to pass false in this parameter. However, this will not return any useful info in the PickInfo position and normal fields.

  5. Just don't call SetMousePosition() in the loop and you can move it. If you have a player prefab in the scene, remove it and just add a camera in the editor.

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