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Status Updates posted by Josh

  1. http://www.leadwerks.com no longer forwards to another page. Small change.
  2. http://www.rasterbar.com appears to be down.
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    2. Josh


      It's back. I just used the Google cache while it was down.

    3. Krankzinnig


      Heh, looks like they updated their site?

    4. Krankzinnig


      Btw, the rapture was supposed to happen at 6pm in every time zone. So you long missed it.

  3. "Projects" links is back in Community menu. All projects with no content have been made private and will only be visible to the owner.

    1. gamecreator


      How do you define content?

    2. Josh


      Discussions, blogs, or something else. There was a lot of "placeholders".

    3. gamecreator


      Gotcha.  I like it.

  4. To my surprise, my first attempt at Vulkan pipeline barriers seems to have worked perfectly.

    1. gamecreator


      How have you not learned after all these years?  Nothing that seems to work ever truly works for long.  😏

    2. khotan


      Nice work Sir Josh !

  5. "Whoa" -NPR, trying the Leadwerks Origins Space Telescope VR experience. Listen at 35:54:

    1. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      I love how private company are now trying to get to space.  Wish I had that amount of funds, I'd be trying it too :D

  6. I think Discord is going to take a huge chunk out of of Steam. I can browse indie titles with confidence that a certain level of quality will be provided.

    1. Mr_SquarePeg


      Yeah I kinda agree with this.

  7. The Origins Space Telescope VR experience, powered by Leadwerks Game Engine, will make an appearance at the "Dusting the Universe" conference in Tuscon this week: https://www.noao.edu/meetings/dust2019/

  8. Leadwerks Game Engine will soon be available on the Amazon Marketplace.

  9. 10 MORE DAYS for Summer Games!

  10. 100,000 entities. LE4: 9 FPS. LE5: 115 FPS. :)

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    2. Josh


      If I keep this up, the new engine will be an order of magnitude faster than every other engine in the world.

    3. tipforeveryone


      That is what we need Josh, all game developer I mean hhehe

    4. Phodex Games

      Phodex Games

      @Josh I wish you the best of luck to achieve this goal :) because I really like the engine

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    2. Josh
    3. Crazycarpet


      Only $2000? sold. :lol: But in all seriousness, so overkill for gaming alone... at a point your GPU, and other hardware is going to become your bottleneck rather than being CPU-bound, this point probably comes way before you hit even 10 cores at maximum usage, lol.

    4. Josh


      I can max out those cores with the new engine.

  11. 2D drawing is working in same world as 3D render, sprite order is working, need to implement Z-sorting across multiple instances of same mesh, test zoom on skyboxes, and re-check lighting.

  12. 4.6 beta is now really ready, for reals.

  13. 4.6 has a small update live now.

  14. 4.6 will not be ready before Christmas, but I have everything I need to finish vehicles now.

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    2. Josh
    3. knocks


      I was just browsing and noticed it was not available. Thought you'd like to know, have a great Xmas!

    4. Josh


      @knocks Yes, thank you, I had no idea. I will change it once the sale ends.

  15. 48 people on Discord! Can we make it to 50?

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    2. GorzenDev


      thats why forum is dead?

    3. gamecreator


      I think the forums were like this even without Discord the last however many months.  That said, I'm pleasantly surprised by how active the Discord seems.

    4. GorzenDev


      I rather have a active forum then "another" discord server to be connected to.  (i have so many already!!) 

      I guess Turbo is to blame :D

  16. 4K, 240 hz, HDR, monitor technology is finally moving forward, but you can't have everything in one screen.

  17. 60 FPS with 1,000,000 entities in the world...on INTEL graphics!

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    2. tipforeveryone


      Josh,  show us a video :D ? We need to see this awesomeness!

    3. aiaf


      Looking forward to testing this, Intel graphics getting better with new processors, I think can play Dota 2 with about 30fps

    4. theskb


      What will be the be the best graphics card to run this game very smoothly or other games like GTA5, PUGB ect any suggestion? still, i am looking to choose a new graphics card or you can say want to upgrade my previous card. I have decided a card from this list http://www.thebestadvices.com/best-graphics-cards/ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Dual-fan OC Edition will be a good choice it costs around 350$ bucks and comes in my budget. Should i go for it?.

  18. A fix for the "floating objects" bug is available on the beta branch now: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/18854-flying-objects/


  19. About to reveal my master plan, nearly two years in the making...

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    2. reepblue


      Better be good.

    3. Josh
    4. wayneg


      I share your vision of Leadwerks to provide outstanding VR performance.

      I've invested in new computer hardware, including Oculus Go, and Oculus Rift.

      This new frontier offers so much, and I'm thrilled Leadwerks is leading the way!

      Thanks Josh.


  20. Adding static shadow caching to Turbo...

  21. Almost done with GLTF animation loading.

  22. Alright, I am moving into U.S. home tomorrow. December will be a very productive month!

    1. gamecreator


      Still in Utah, I assume?

    2. Josh
    3. Marcousik


      I'm really happy to see vehicles update coming out 👍

  23. Alright, multiplayer stuff is done! Now I need to finish documentation and add the new vehicle system!

  24. Another animation performance test here:


    1. josk


      Coming up with Sorry dont have permission to view.

    2. josk


      View it from picture at top of forum, crazy  attacking Goblins, nice.

    3. gamecreator


      Guessing the thread's in the Leadwerks 5 forum so some people can't access it.

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