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  1. I'm at I/ITSEC this week. Learn how Northrop Grumman is using Leadwerks for VR at booth #2548.



  2. I want cybertruck 😄

    1. 💎Yue💎
    2. aiaf


      cybertruck broken window edition :) joke aside cool car

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. gamecreator


      Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  4. Listen: 

    1. Slastraf


      I recently started playing guitar again and there is definitely interest in making something like this myself

    2. tipforeveryone


      is this free to use in  game ? thís music is perfect for run and gun game like quake

  5. This guy was doing Mick Gordon's music before Mick Gordon: 


  6. Get your GAMEFUEL now, lol: https://www.gamefuel.com/

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    2. gamecreator


      Of course, now that Josh is a millionaire, I'm sure Leadwerks and its future versions will soon be free.

    3. Marcousik


      And I hoped we could get a free remake of the "fuel" game :lol:

    4. Josh


      I just thought it was hilariously cheesy. I kind of want a variety pack though.

  7. Windows game bar slows down Vulkan and causes intermittent pauses. Disable this before trying Leadwerks 5 beta.

    1. reepblue


      I've read that causes slowdown in a lot of other games. Doesn't help that it's auto enabled. 🙃

    2. gamecreator


      I thought maybe Windows Aero had similar issues but searches bring up other causes.

    3. Josh


      The anti malware service executable can also take over your computer usage, and it pauses itself when the performance analyzer opens, so it hides as soon as you check to see why things are so slow. Sneaky program that is as bad as malware.

  8. I got single-pass cube shadowmap rendering working. Very fast!

  9. Happy Halloween!

    1. gamecreator


      To you too Josh.

  10. GLTF loader is finished except for animation.

  11. I put some hours into the GLTF loader and I now have models loading reliably. Very nice to use with models from Sketchfab!

  12. Beta update is coming as soon as I get box light shadows working again...

    1. gamecreator


      Nice.  Is it then back to Leadwerks for the "Christmas-ish" release?

    2. Josh


      I do not know. Vulkan has made everything much much slower.

  13. I am considering working with a software publisher for the release of our next game engine, for consumer and enterprise sales.

  14. 2D drawing is working in same world as 3D render, sprite order is working, need to implement Z-sorting across multiple instances of same mesh, test zoom on skyboxes, and re-check lighting.

  15. We're getting close to a time when I won't be able to use programmer art anymore. SketchFab has been very helpful.

  16. Check out my VR horror game idea here: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/19435-game-description/


    1. gamecreator


      I'm not a horror game guy but you've done a good job of getting into giving the environment/world some life.
      (Also, I'm sure you know but you can't post in that thread without joining the project, even though it's open.)

  17. I'm building the Lego Saturn V rocket. No code until it's done.

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    2. 💎Yue💎


      My way out is to learn to play piano. I think I'm too old for this, but my old piano still plays, too bad it doesn't have a USB port.


    3. Josh


      This thing is huge. It's a meter tall. Very solid construction, you can pick it up in one hand and it doesn't break.

    4. reepblue


      LEGO is always fun. I always wanted to do a fully function city but the cost and space to do it isn't practical. :)

  18. Big update available now for Turbo Engine beta.

  19. Now intermittently hitting 100% CPU usage on an 8-core processor.

  20. Working on GDC 2020 lecture proposal.

    1. Thirsty Panther
    2. Josh


      VR in aerospace and performance optimization for rendering large CAD models in real-time.

    3. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      Interesting and catchy :)

  21. Very very good work was done today. Big things are coming.

  22. I found another optimization that I think will pretty much eliminate slowdown when shadows are redrawn.


    1. gamecreator


      Congrats on the progress!  Looking forward to some screenshots.

    2. Josh
  24. Okay, I now have all the Vulkan knowledge I need to finish the renderer.

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