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  1. I don't really think teams of people will form spontaneously in a for-profit project. This only works with free mods, sometimes. Every person you let in is a liability and a mouth to feed. It you have something of value it's cheaper to contract out the parts you need help with, pay up-front, and don't worry about revenue splits.

  2. 4 hours ago, Rick said:

    Just a different take on this perhaps use GetEntityInAABB would be a better approach so you don't have to store pointers of other entities within other entities or have access to global lists or anything like that.

    For big numbers of entities, yes, but if it's just a list of 20 objects this would likely be slower.

    Anyways, we are all talking about optimizing something that does not need to be optimized, because it is not the cause of his problem.

  3. The refraction shader should be reading the depth and only blending with pixels that fall below the transparent surface's depth value, not pixels that fall in front.

    Coincidentally, I am about to start on a global refraction effect in the new Vulkan renderer.

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  4. void MoveToPoint(Entity* entity, const Vec3& target, const float speed)
        Vec3 current = entity->GetPosition(true);
        float d = current.DistanceToPoint(target);
        if (d < speed)
        	entity->SetPosition(current + (target - current).Normalize() * speed, true);


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  5. I suggest slowing down the jump / falling animation. It would look more natural if he didn't make such an extreme motion so quickly. Other than that, it looks really great.

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