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Status Updates posted by JMK

  1. Disabling your Intel graphics in BIOS fixes the Nvidia problems on Linux. :P

  2. Update for Oculus support and terrain collision bug is up on beta branch.

  3. Fixed the Oculus projection view problem, update will be out soon.

  4. Other than the view projection having something wrong, everything else is working perfectly with the Oculus Rift.

  5. Awesome avatar!

  6. Going to Fry's to get an Oculus Rift, and another hard drive.

    1. GSFC_1


      Let me know how occulus feels with LW. This is, what, the 3rd hard drive for you in 12 months?


    2. gamecreator


      Where are you living now that you have a Fry's near you?  Are you back in Southern California?

  7. Get ready for..."Cirque des Jeux"

  8. I got the Linux build done. I will update the beta branch on Steam tomorrow morning.

  9. I went ahead and bought the branding removal license for Invision Power Board so we don't have to show their logo anymore on the forum.

  10. New game tournament poster is in the werks!

  11. I can't believe how unstable Ubuntu 16.04 is. My installation spontaneously bricked itself, again.

    1. martyj


      I run a full Kubuntu stack at work with an Nvidia GPU.

      The only problem I had is when I corrupted by display settings making it impossible to see a GUI :p.

      What hardware are you running?

    2. JMK


      I think the problem might be the Nvidia driver was preventing proper shutdown, which then cause the file system to get corrupted and BOOM!

    3. aiaf


      Sounds bad, used 16.04 on multiple laptops no problems, home laptop still has original install.

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  12. Windows key + period. 😎

    1. JMK
    2. AggrorJorn



      I will repeat that: by removing the head or destroying the brain.


  13. So many cool screenshots!

  14. Do not keep your Leadwerks USB in your pocket, as the ink will rub off over time.

    1. GSFC_1


      Where can we buy leadwerks USBs? I need like..... 12


  15. The Linux build tools for Visual Studio 2017 are really nice.

  16. Anybody have Windows 7 installed?

    1. macklebee


      I have win7 and do not have VS2017 installed and Leadwerks runs fine on my PC atm. Are we planning to make it not? :ph34r:

    2. JMK


      No, someone in the Steam forum was having problems but I have no idea why now.

    3. subcomtom


      Win7 with VS2015 and works fine.

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  17. New plan: We are going to issue a crypto-currency called "Gearbucks".

    1. JMK


      I'm honestly failing to see the point right now, but I am curious to learn more.

    2. tournamentdan


      It would not be able to work with a crypto like bitcoin. But other coins that are a (POS) "proof of stake" would work. Crypto coins need nodes to validate transactions and keep a record. And of course also to be decentralized. Gamers could use a small amount of computation to validate blocks while making money to play a game. Both sides win. 

    3. aiaf
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  18. I think I am going to make HDR + bloom + SSAO the default setting when you start a new map.

    1. tipforeveryone
    2. shadmar


      Yes, screenshots will be better looking :)

    3. Einlander


      No bloom please. I can't stand it.

  19. All winter game tournament posters are SHIPPED! Each includes a USB drive.

  20. I've got to say, we got the timing perfect on when to release VR support.

    1. JMK


      Santa is bringing a lot of VR headsets in his sleigh this year.

    2. gamecreator
    3. GSFC_1


      Ya, there are a lot of people emaiing me about what to get thier kids for Xmas in the VR dept, and it sounds like a LOT of people in my peer group are getting thier kids a headset, some even for thier own curiosity. 

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  21. 4.5 is going live tomorrow!

    1. Roland


      Great. Then I finally can uninstall VS2015 :D


    2. JMK


      @Marcousik No, vehicles did not make it in.

    3. Marcousik


      Come on tomorrow is my Birthday ^^ 

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  22. Chat bar is fixed.  It was removing users almost instantly! Also now with avatarz magic.

  23. Attention! If you are outside the U.S. I need your phone number for customs purposes.  Please go to "Edit Profile" and enter this in the shipping information section.

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