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  1. Probably the case-sensitive file system is causing a file to be missed. The program log should have some info about a file that failed to load.
  2. Leadwerks 4 does not support this. The new engine will.
  3. Added a "Tutorials" section in the Marketplace, in preparation...

  4. Mike has always been willing to cover me. I've been in contact with him over the last six months, and have just told him "something big is coming". Same with the folks at GameDev.net, who I have known for many years.
  5. What we should do is gather a list of YouTubers and use Ultra App Kit as a test run.
  6. You have to shill extremely hard if you want anyone to pay attention. Products don't sell themselves no matter how good they are.
  7. That might be a good idea. It also might be a good idea to build something into the EULA that says it can't be used to make a game engine editor. I think in general third-party YouTube videos will be the most successful approach to promotion. Those guys make a lot of good content and already have a big following, and I am sure they will be interested in the new engine.
  8. I created an identical IGG campaign to test whether the platform is effective or not: https://igg.me/at/ultraappkit/x/24973641#/ I did this KS campaign in order to get a gauge of what I can expect for the engine. I don't believe Kickstarter brought in any organic traffic at all. I can't really see myself setting the goal at less than $10,000. Is the market for the new engine 10x bigger than for the app dev kit? Almost certainly. But I am nervous about the possibility of a failed campaign, which would be quite embarrassing. Will the app dev kit sales on Steam be about the same as
  9. Our Kickstarter campaign for Ultra App Kit is successfully funded at 150%. If you missed the campaign, the fun continues on IndieGoGo.
  10. It appears that Google is forcing password changes any time your browser deletes their cookies.

  11. At the moment, it will only work in one small area around the origin (0,0,0) and only on entities that have had the MakeStatic() method called, and not on terrain.
  12. Kickstarter campaign ends in 48 hours!

  13. Not sure if this was the most intricate spam post ever or not, but I removed the link above.
  14. I deleted the project from our server. I might have a backup somewhere, but not easily available.
  15. Light is made up of individual particles called photons. A photon is a discrete quantum of electromagnetic energy. Photons are special because they have properties of both a particle and a wave. Photons have mass and can interact with physical matter. The phenomenon of "solar pressure" is caused by photons bombarding a surface and exerting force. (This force actually has to be accounted for in orbital mechanics.) However, light also has a wavelength and frequency, similar to sound or other wave phenomenon. Things are made visible when millions of photons scatter around the environment and
  16. Implemented Process and PipeStream classes for launching and communicating with external programs.

  17. I really hate working with Vulkan.

    1. aiaf


      im not touching that Vulkan API unless im getting paid , good luck there, hope you figure all out

    2. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      It's not hard to understand, it just takes forever to do anything.

      kill me now barney stinson GIF

    3. wadaltmon


      Yeah, Captain Kirk said the same thing for a while. 

  18. Your second code shows a "/" is inserted, and the first one does not.
  19. That is not a complete list, it is just meant to convey the big ideas of how this engine is different.
  20. I think there will be a project template and generator, like you enter in the project name, destination folder, and it creates the new project. But it's simple enough you could just include the lib and headers yourself into an existing project.
  21. This is the sixth time I have written this editor, and I have become exceedingly good at it.
  22. With any luck the new editor will be usable in the not-too-distant future. After all the work I have done, writing a new editor is actually relatively minor.
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