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  1. My guess is the database is on a server that is balancing the load poorly. It's fast sometimes, and other times it is very slow. Let's give it a couple days and if it is still a problem I will do something.
  2. You can buy the game in England.
  3. Hilarious. I actually did interview at Harvard, Stanford, and Yale, but by that point I viewed entering the medical profession as suicide. If a few things about it were different, it would be fantastic, but as it is I think it is a really bad deal. I have heard so many MDs say they wish they had gone into business or engineering or anything else. They try to sell you this idea that you are serving a higher purpose. You're not supposed to be in it for the money, but the hospital and administration certainly are. If a patient is getting treated by a resident making $50,000 a year, they don't get a discount on their hospital bill. Reality is they want cheap labor that doesn't make a fuss. I mean, if I said I was going to pay the workers at my McDonald's $2.75/hr. because I only wanted people who really loved working at McDonald's, you would see right through my pretense. I wonder who even owns that site?
  4. I love the tracker, because I don't have to ask what OS he is using.
  5. I think I made a last-minute edit in the shaders without testing on all cards. It's in the bug tracker, and I will fix it today.
  6. Calling the service provider..the site DID transfer 40 gb yesterday. The problem seems to come and go.
  7. Well, a shader is part of the material that is applied to a surface of a mesh of the model. Clear? Basically you need to paint the model recursively with a material that has the shader you want, along with any other settings.
  8. JMK

    Use the Tracker!

    I'll look over these, too, just please don't create any new topics here.
  9. Seriously. You have privacy now. You can post anything you want on the private forums.
  10. You can link to your blog in your account settings, and a blog icon will appear in your forum profile.

  11. You need these two pages: http://leadwerks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Models#Script http://leadwerks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Editor#Script_Commands
  12. Oh yeah. That's one way. For the viperscout model, I set up a system where I could control the car with messages. That way the same commands could be used to control the car with AI, network, or user input. Or you could just load the car in the game script and set it up how you want. You can also set the entity user data field to the vehicle object you create, so other scripts can access it. There's a lot of ways to do things!
  13. The editing tools aren't scripted, so that is not possible. I think once you finish renaming the textures you want to use, you will find the new texture requester to be much faster to work with.
  14. The Update() function declared in the main code is the one the engine calls. The Update() function that is declared in the Spawn() function is our own private function the engine does not know about. The nice thing about the functions declared this way is you can use the Self keyword in them, and they allow a more OO style of coding. You can call model:UpdateTires() instead of UpdateTires(model), which I prefer. BTW, that script should be modified as follows: function Update(world) It doesn't make any difference in this case, but the Update function is passing a world to the script, not a model.
  15. The engine generally doesn't care what folder any files are in. I stole this idea from the Far Cry 2 editor, and I find it a lot easier to work with, once you have all your terrain textures named properly.
  16. The vis file contains the data about which terrain tiles are hidden. I'm afraid your other question is too vague. If you just drag the monster truck into the scene, it will have roll around. You can hold the shift key and use the mouse to move it around with physics forces.
  17. JMK

    Use the Tracker!

    I installed a really nice bug tracking system. Use it wisely. I'll leave this forum section up for the rest of the week, but from now on we should use the tracker.
  18. Happy Birthday!

  19. Somewhere in the last dozen updates, I decided to rename the default model and texture directories. They used to be called "meshes" and "textures" and I changed them to "models" and "materials". If you just copy the media from the meshes and textures directories, into the models and materials directories, respectively, the CD content will be visible to newer versions of 3D World Studio.
  20. JMK

    rotating wheel

    Make sure you include the keycodes script. In the Update function, you can control the logic and movement: if KeyHit(KEY_T)==1 then model:SetKey("mode","1") end if model:GetKey("mode")==1 then model:Turnf(AppSpeed(),0,0) end See my existing scripts to see how the update function is set up.
  21. Terrain holes do affect physics.
  22. JMK

    2.3 is live

    The two APIs are about the same, although OpenGL runs on more platforms. DX11 has a couple new features OpenGL hasn't implemented yet, but I expect tessellation support to be added. OpenGL will also run the same on all versions of Windows, but I think DX11 has better backwards compatibility than DX10 had.
  23. I will be adding more examples soon, and this is one area where I want to improve documentation.
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