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Status Updates posted by Josh

  1. Look how many items are checked off on my list!: https://www.leadwerks.com/5

    1. shadmar


      64 bit precision is something like 2000 billion billions larger worlds, as close to infinite as you get :)

    2. shadmar
    3. Marcousik


      Nice very interesting things, so not sure if precision and size mean the same, but yeah it s fascinating.

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  2. 10 MORE DAYS for Summer Games!

  3. Life is amazing and cool.

    1. ScarPunk


      I have this felling when my code works fine :)

  4. New occlusion culling system seems to have increased performance in my test map by an additional 29%.

  5. I still think no one really realizes yet what a game changer smart pointers will be in the next version.

    1. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      If they're truly that fast I cant wait to use them 😁

    2. Josh


      @ScarPunk correct! But unlike C# the code still runs just as fast.

    3. Crazycarpet


      Smart pointers are cool the only time they'd be bad is if you intended to keep an object around for longer than you normally would due to it maybe having a very expensive destructors, etc... but in these cases you just simply don't use smart pointers.

      That's why JVM's GC is so cool, it can defer deletions or partial deletions depending on the situation to maintain high FPS. No substitute for good C++ code though.

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  6. Map Viewer updated, additional optimizations made lighting 60% faster.

  7. Did everyone receive their poster from the last tournament? They should all be delivered by now.

  8. Very curious to see what kinds of crazy games everyone makes for the tournament.

    1. aiaf



      Mine will be definitely odd.Multiplayer game about gaining territory.

      Have 5 more days left for development then i go in holiday, mountain trekking.

    2. gamecreator


      Nice.  What are you using to code the multiplayer?

    3. aiaf


      For server go.

      https://pocoproject.org/  have a network lib i use for client.

  9. Just listen: 


    1. GorzenDev


      sounds nice.
      a bit to soft for my taste though :cool:

  10. It’s pretty interesting to actually be investigating and eliminating some of the aspects of real-time graphics that create the uncanny valley.

  11. Just got pointlight shadows working in new renderer, lots of work to do!

  12. Sick in bed today! 😷 

  13. If you’ve got good quality game assets you can upload them to the Marketplace now and earn a 70% commission.

  14. Leadwerks Marketplace is outselling Steam Workshop. 👍

  15. Very very happy with early results of clustered forward rendering.

  16. Just bought Substance Designer 2018.

    1. knocks


      My favorite piece of software 😁

  17. Summer Game Tournament begins...NOW!

    1. Rick


      Let the fun begin!

  18. Tomorrow comes a BIG SURPRISE for you! 😁

    1. 💎Yue💎
    2. tipforeveryone


      This status made me surprised anyway hehe. waiting for the real surprise

    3. Marcousik


      Everybody hope certainly one own feature should be upgraded...Well I really hope something with restoring the car system !

  19. Making progress filling in the sparse voxel octree structure with voxelized objects. This is a very different and fun feature to work on!

  20. Posters are all shipped, should arrive in 10-14 days.

  21. I got the game tournament posters and they look amazing. (Click this update to view.)


  22. Wooot! Sidebar is back!

    1. Josh


      I don't plan on adding that since there is only one active group project.

    2. GorzenDev


      I miss the "search forum" option though, lots of duplicated threads will emerge without it..

    3. tipforeveryone


      and mark forum as read

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