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  1. What kinds of hard drives are you guys buying that so frequently erase all your data? Every day I hear from another one. :D

    1. Josh


      I have never once had any hard drive have any problems.

    2. Roland


      Josh. Maybe you don't write kernel

      driver software then. I have

      totally destroyed my windows

      several times that way at work.


    3. Josh


      Nope, my crashes are fairly high-level. :)

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  2. I see bloom, everywhere.

    1. Lazlo Bonin

      Lazlo Bonin

      I wish. Life would be better with a higher bloom shader.

    2. niv3k


      so lets make a artificial world, and make it the way we want...like the universe.

  3. Reflective cubemap and EMBM shaders uploaded.

  4. SetTerrain() bug fixed.

    1. Canardian


      Great news! Now I can implement the terrain adjustment feature into my game.

  5. Check out the tutorials section.

  6. +1 Recent images feed is in the right order on the portal page. -1 status updates are not.

  7. Upgrading the forum software and getting ready to launch a new section of the site. Stay tuned.

  8. No problems, the server just got rolled back. See my blog for info on accessing your lost post.

  9. Congratulations!

  10. I really like your artwork.

  11. Josh

    Welcome to the community!

  12. Looks like you are "in the zone" now.

    Sorry. XD

  13. The Activision pdf is some nice reading, especially around pages 9-10.

  14. Josh

    You need a profile pic! :)

  15. How are you controlling the object movement? I think you can get tighter control using the CalcOmega() and CalcVelocity() commands.

  16. Josh

    It actually compiles the script into a machine code in memory, the way C# and Java do.

  17. Josh

    LuaJIT makes Lua code execute about ten times faster.

  18. You should post your "Remains in the Basement" video on Vimeo or YouTube, it's great!

  19. Link to OpenCL FFT example?

  20. Your website isn't working.

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