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  1. The Activision pdf is some nice reading, especially around pages 9-10.

  2. Josh

    You need a profile pic! :)

  3. How are you controlling the object movement? I think you can get tighter control using the CalcOmega() and CalcVelocity() commands.

  4. Josh

    It actually compiles the script into a machine code in memory, the way C# and Java do.

  5. Josh

    LuaJIT makes Lua code execute about ten times faster.

  6. You should post your "Remains in the Basement" video on Vimeo or YouTube, it's great!

  7. Link to OpenCL FFT example?

  8. Your website isn't working.

  9. Get better soon!

  10. You have been neutralized. ;)

  11. Josh

    Happy birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. I assume you are working with the visual geometry, not the physics geometry. This must make the raycasting and other algorithms an order of magnitude slower than if you had the physics data?

  14. Happy birthday!

  15. You can link to your blog in your account settings, and a blog icon will appear in your forum profile.

  16. Happy Birthday!

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