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  1. I just uploaded a fix for this. The way I made those buttons is kind of interesting. I used the BUTTON_TOOLBAR style, set the widget pointer to the hand / finger cursor, and then created some labels and a panel on each one. In order to make the button still work I added a new SetInteractive() widget method. If this is set to false the widget will be purely decorative and invisible to the event system: auto button_marketplace = CreateButton("", 0, y, bw, bh, Panel_Community, BUTTON_TOOLBAR); button_marketplace->SetPointer(POINTER_HAND); button_marketplace->SetLayout(1, 1, 1, 0
  2. It can be ordered now and you will receive the beta. Might take a day or two because I just sent out my last Steam key and I have to request more:
  3. Fixed the tabber and treeview drawing so they are now pixel-perfect at any resolution.
  4. Another update: Changed the appearance of the border around treeview and listbox widgets when scrollbars are visible. (I just realized I need to do the same for the textarea widget!) The required SVG icons are now built into the source code so you no longer need to include those, you can just have a lone EXE all by itself with no extra files.
  5. This puts us very close to finished. Still to do: Finish documentation. Record videos. Finalize color theme system and add light theme.
  6. Widgets can no longer be created directly on the user interface. Instead, the user interface has a "root" member that is a penel. auto ui = CreateInterface(window); auto panel = CreatePanel(0,0,ui->root->size.x, ui->root->size.y, ui->root); A new Widget::SetFontScale() method allows you to control scaling of text and will adjust dynamically with the UI scale. label->SetFontScale(2); // text is always twice as big as default, at all DPIs Scaling is fixed:
  7. In the next build you will be able to remove a treeviewnode by calling node->SetParent(NULL).
  8. It would probably be best to upload an example map so others can try it. it is difficult to understand what is happening from the description.
  9. Only partially. Yes, that is how the whole thing should scale. I will do some more testing.
  10. Didn't we just say the exact same thing two different ways?
  11. Maybe the Widget class should have a FindChild method? I don’t think you need to rebuild the whole tree.
  12. Implemented the project manager application that serves as the main program. When you launch the program in Steam this is what appears: Added new Icon class to handle vector images. Loading pixmaps from SVG format is no longer supported. Instead you do this: auto icon = LoadIcon("icon.svg"); auto pixmap = icon->Rasterize(1.0f); //100% scaling Widgets now have a SetIcon() method. This is preferable over SetPixmap, if you have the image in vector format, because it will automatically rescale the image for the GUI scale. Internally, the Windows image drawing is now using
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