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Optimus Josh

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  1. Can’t compile LuaJIT in 64 bit on Windows 10. The official instructions don’t work!

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    2. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      @aiaf That works but it only creates an executable and a DLL. Where is the lua51.lib file?

    3. thehankinator


      What version? LuaJIT-2.0.5 compiled fine with VS 2015. Maybe it's a VS 2017 issue? A few lines up after the batch file completes I get this message:

      link /nologo /DLL /out:lua51.dll lj_*.obj lib_*.obj
         Creating library lua51.lib and object lua51.exp

      The resulting lua51.lib was in the src directory.

    4. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      You compiled it by navigating to the src directory and then typing “make”, right?

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