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  1. Hey there I was wondering what gpu's will leadwerks 5 support and will it support the Oclus quest and XR API's as well as support non coders and have visual scripting? An last will it have a plugin for exporting models from blender 2.8 or higher?

    1. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      Requires Vulkan 1.1, so pretty much everything from the last four years or so. I am not supporting mobile VR yet, but may very well in the future. The initial product will be a programming SDK and in the future a visual editor will be added with support for our flowgraph system. I have no plans for a visual scripting system but the editor will have an extensions system and someone might add this feature. You don't need a plugin for Blender support because you can just use glTF and it works very reliably.

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