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  1. Running in max 2012x64, works perfectly. Great Job.
  2. This is very cool, and I'm glad you posted this here; it just gave me a great idea for a game.
  3. This is more than great; very useful; elegant; clean.
  4. Cars with wheels are the dumbest thing ever. WOW they can turn, and move and bring you places but now every car requires you to learn how to drive. It's nothing great...like who needs to learn how to drive?! You have to know how to drive to get anywhere good. Cars with wheels cost WAAAAYY too much. Get a car without wheels for $2000 it has a steering wheel and some nice dice that hang from the mirror and some advanced mirror changing functions. EVERYONE likes my car because it doesn't have wheels, so don't waste your money on a car with wheels. This site is so dumb you guys don't even know abo
  5. This, and have a 2D "schematic" like map to more accurately places 3D models. Sorry if we have this I just haven't used it yet
  6. Sorry, forgot to be informative lastime. Warning: Failed to load mesh "zip::c:/users/user/downloads/furious frank v0.03 demo/furious frank v0.03 demo/data.pak//data/models/mg_fps_pistol/smachlod1.gmf": Mesh loader failed. I got it to work, I just kept pressing the button, and all of a sudden it started working. Weird..
  7. OpenCL + LE + AMD 6990 4GB = GOD MODE

    1. Canardian


      6990 sounds damn powerful, must be better than any nvidia at the moment?

    2. TheoLogic
    3. Futan


      Delayed response, but that benchmark is obviously not taking advantage of CrossfireX or SLI. SLI and CFX are nearing 100% scaling, in some cases even going above it. A 5970(18th on the list) beats a 480 and 470(3rd and 4th best cards on that list), and a 6990 beats the 570 and 580(1st and 2nd). 590(5th) in general is ahead of the 6990(6th) but they trade blows.

  8. This is amazing, thanks for doing the work. I used CodeBlocks all of the time, but stopped using it for a while to use Visual Studio+LE
  9. As soon as I click it, it goes "Not Responding" however the music continually plays as it says that.
  10. I'm officially a thread moneky.

  11. I work for a company call Village Tronic, we make External graphics solutions for laptops. If you laptop has an expresscard slot you can interface a desktop graphics card with a laptop. http://www.villageinstruments.com/tiki-index.php?page=ViDock
  12. Congrats, and good luck. Don't forget about us here!!
  13. interesting concept, I like it alot. I think an entire game could be developed upon these shaders. Good work.
  14. My OpenCL knowledge is growing by the day, I hope to setup a physics demo soon.

    1. AggrorJorn


      sounds cool. So you have like your own physics implementation?

    2. knowledgegranted


      Yes exactly, I'm testing a few physics libraries right now. We'll see what I like.

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