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  1. I can only code very late (midnight to 4 AM), before nothing happens...
  2. Nice! you've made my day Thanks to you Josh.
  3. Thanks Shadmar for your great works. Can't wait for this shader;)
  4. Ok, I've tried everything, with no success. I really need that point light updates animated models shadows in real time like directionnal lights.
  5. Hello Josh. To see the shadow trouble, just put a floor, a point light and the crawler model with this script: Script.Speed=1.0--float Script.Sequence=2--int entpos = Vec3(0,0,0) Script.angle=50.0--float function Script:Draw() -- move entity a bit for shadow updating self.angle = self.angle + 1.0 if self.angle >= 360 then self.angle=0 end entpos = self.entity:GetPosition() entpos.x = entpos.x + Math:Sin(self.angle)/100 entpos.z = entpos.z + Math:Cos(self.angle)/100 + 0.001 self.entity:SetPosition(entpos.x , entpos.y , entpos.z) local t = Time:GetCurrent() self.entit
  6. Yes thanks Shirk. As I don't use physics on my project, but need dynamic shadows, I have to find a trick (maybe a motorized box hidden somewhere).
  7. Yes, you're right shadmar!!! As my scene is quite empty (it was just for learning animations), so nothing uses physics. As soon as I've put some boxes (in unstable position) shadows are working fine. As soon as everything is on floor and idle, shadows stop updating. I will try using a physic camera to force shadow update. Thanks!!! edit: Ok I've tried it, but character physic doesn't update physics save if they collide. So I have to find a trick, or maybe Josh can add an option to enable/disable update shadows continuesly.
  8. Nvidia Geforce GT430. Far from being top notch, but supports GL4 and DX11. Do you think it's because of my old GPU?
  9. Yes "shadow+animation.shader". Should it work or only with directionnal lights?
  10. Do you have dynamic shadows while your model is animating, and with point lights? These are my settings (but I've tried everything from static to dynamic+buffered for light and also for the model) hébergeur d image gratuit
  11. Hi! Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't get dynamic shadows with a animated model with spotlights or pointlights. Only works with directional lights.
  12. Lua files can be compiled in luac format. About Mdl and tex files, you're right , this is a trouble.
  13. So I never managed to make it works on this computer. I reinstalled LW on my wife 's computer (Win8 64bits) and it worked (after a graphics card change, because the integrated one wasn't compatible ....and after a lot of negotiations ^^). Now I can play! Muuuahahahah!
  14. The exact error I get is :"The procedure entry point K32GetProcessMemoryInfo could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll". I'm reinstalling Windows (It takes a while because of sp1 to sp2 download and install), so we will see...
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