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  1. So, I just posted over on their forums askings about it and this is what he said, "There's no plugin needed any longer and no workaround either. Q2 can export optimized meshes ac OBJ, Collada and FBX." So as soon as they release 2.0 I guess their will be no need for a plugin. Sorry to suggest something that didn't need suggesting.
  2. Currently these are the export formats as of 1.6 Export OBJ, QEF, XML, RAWVOX, Minecraft .SCHEMATIC, VOX, VXL. Currently their still working on 2.0 for steam, so I don't know if in the future they'll provide more export options. It's actually kind of fun to use and from what I've seen the models are fairly easys to animate. However If you use them in the engine as a regular 3d model file, the polygon count would be too high. Reason I was wondering if you'd consider support for .qb files. I do think if you were to implement it, it'd give more options for art assests in the engine than what is c
  3. Was just wondering if maybe you'd consider supporting Qubicle Constructor models. Here's the link to their website http://www.minddesk.com/. I know they already support unity and I think it'd be awesome if you could work with them to make a plugin for leadwerks. It's seem like it'd be a great option since their also planning on selling their program on steam. So people could buy leadwerks off steam and they could also buy an easy to use voxel modeling program for the games their creating with it.
  4. I was mainly looking at the Free GNU license ones. Particulary ones that have been ported to other platforms. I want to make a remake of a game. I think a bunch DOS games back in the day have alot originality to them in terms compared to other games made today. I also plan to make the game free so I won't be profiting off it. It's just for fun so I can get a good knowledge of C++ by the time I'm finished with the project. I was hopeing that maybe by refrencing and studying the pre-existing code it might be easier to learn versus starting from scratch. Reason I ask is due to my poor programming
  5. Ok, so just recently I upgraded my leadwerks to C++ and an idea occured to me. Once I get to learning the basics of C++ out of the way, how hard would it be to port an old opensource DOS game to the Leadwerks engine? My idea would be to make the game 3D. I don't have any specific games in mind for now, was just wondering.
  6. Sorry didn't mean double post. Someone should really make a sticky thread for tools like these to help people out. I didn't even know bout it till now.
  7. Actually you can apply a proxy to em to make em low poly. Looking at tutorials right now and it looks awesome. It even adds bones and exports to 3dmax and blender.
  8. Thought I'd share something I found recently that might save people a bunch of time. http://www.makehuman.org/ The software basically helps you generate a 3d character model in whatever proportions you wants etc.. All the models you create with it are under a CC Zero license, meaning you can sell or use the models for comercial or non-comercial purposes.
  9. I might not know much about programming games in general but I think before you commit to a project you should take the time to outline your ideas out on paper beforehand. I suggest using a technique called mind mapping http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_map. Secondly, I'd say the real question is, is your game going to be free or are you going to charge people to play it? If so you have to also consider the royalties you'd have to pay. If you do decide to go with UDK i'd check out their faqs first. https://www.unrealengine.com/udk/licensing/purchase/ As for leadwerks, I think if I remmber corr
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