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  1. I would like to figure out if Leadwerks would be suitable to develop La Vida, but first I'll give you some information on that game project. La Vida is an open-source project for a Sims-like game. It's at an early stage of development, without any progress recently. Mike Hibbert is the leader of the project. It was originally being developed collaboratively on SourceForge, written in Python. But Mike Hibbert decided to restart the whole project on Unity, as he announced on Ubuntu forums; The Unity3d version was never released to the public. Mike Hibbert developed it privately, but no known progress has been made in recent months. He told me in an email in November the he's been busy with other things. I am myself just a begginer in programing, and Unity3d is what I'm using in my game programing class at my high school. But I've had a bit of concern for the limitations of Unity3D, which would become more noticable further into development. I found Leadwerks on Kickstarter, and it appears better than Unity from a Linux-users perspective (Both myself and Mr Hibbert use Ubuntu), seeing that OpenGL isn't far outdated like in Unity, and that it will soon be available to develop on Linux. I might want to propose another change to the development on the La Vida forum. Even though it will take some time to get a reply on such a quiet forum. (Want to change that? Go sign up and reply to those unreplied topics.) If La Vida switched to Leadwerks, then could it use the code from the Python or Unity3D projects? I'm also concerned about the Leadwerks license as Wikipedia says it. La Vida is supposed to be open source. In my vision of La Vida, it should have good support for mods. Would this go against that license? Although it's much easier to pay $100 or $200 for Leadwerks than $1500 for Unity3D, Leadwerks doesn't appear to have a free version unlike Unity. Can Leadwerks be used alongside other programs (unlike Unity3D)? I mean, could contributors who don't have Leadwerks still write code etc in a different program? Unity3D has unbreakable limitations (like multi-monitor). But is Leadwerks designed so that any features unincluded can be coded by the user?
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