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  1. Hi all, I have done some tests with a simple Leadwerks 3.3 project (unencrypted) and didn't encounter any issues. The packed executables (Smart Packer Pro and Smart Packer Pro X) ran just fine. If you would like to test the packed executables please send a mail via our site and we will provide a download link. Mike
  2. Hi, I will investigate the issue and will let you know the result asap. Mike
  3. Thanks for the info. To bad I was hoping for using it as level editor.
  4. Hi, Would it be possible to export a complete scene (static objects with textures) from Leadwerks editor to a .x or other format file? Mike
  5. Happy New Year! May the force be with you...
  6. @MikeClark: this tool is a generic installer tool for games and applications @ZioRed: thank you for the suggestions!
  7. @ZioRed: thank you for the suggestion. What would be an affordable Indie price for you?
  8. We have some ideas about developing a multi-platform installer and would like to know if there is enough interest for such a tool. The product packs a complete folder into one single file. When the single file is started a customizable menu is shown so the main exe can be launched. Files are extracted during run-time to a temporary unique folder and run from there. After processing the files are stored in a encrypted archive. Features: - Multi-platform (Windows & Mac & Linux*) - Customizable menu (background image and text) - Background sound - Uninstall with one c
  9. Pledging for this product is now possible. http://www.indiegogo.com/vdisk If minimal $65 is pledged you will receive a software license for this product.
  10. Smart Packer Solutions has plans to develop a new product and would like to know your opinion about our ideas. http://www.smartpacker.nl/survey/vdp/
  11. We have extended it for a few days so you can still purchase it with the 30% discount.
  12. Hi, To celebrate that our new site is live we currently offer a 30% discount on all Smart Packer Pro licenses. Discount code : SPPFEB12 Only valid for a few days!!! http://www.smartpacker.nl
  13. gandalf


    It is very easy to use and the support is great. (not business related to them )
  14. Today we have released Smart Packer Pro 1.7! The new features are: 1. New run-time engine 2. On demand feature (will extract file on demand) 3. Version info can be altered 4. Unicode support in GUI and run-time engine 5. Link to web page for free and commercial plug-ins Improvements: 1. Adding included files easier 2. Overall better performance 3. GUI improvements (we hope ), more to come in future! 3. Minor bug fixes Of course it is a free upgrade for registered customers! Smart Packer Pro is now also available as MicroISV and Company license. S
  15. Maybe the following tool is interesting for you. deepMesh
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