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  1. Thirsty Panther

    Camera Pitch Rotation problem

    Without an example of your code its hard to guess what is wrong with your project.
  2. Thirsty Panther

    Final(ish) Design Doc

    Made some minor changes to Dialog Lua.
  3. Thirsty Panther

    Final(ish) Design Doc

    I'll take a look tomorrow. Should have a little free time after work. What sort of textures are you after? Scifi or fantasy?
  4. Thirsty Panther

    Vertex Colour Low Poly Test

    A quick mock up of a Sci-Fi Machine using vertex painting and importing into Leadwerks from 3D Coat. So easy. Thanks mdgunn. No more trying to work out UV maps etc. Model, paint, import, job done. This object took me about 15mins to make.
  5. Thirsty Panther

    Save game feature: where do I put it in?

    We have a discussion about Load/Save in our current project. And some other threads that may help.
  6. Thirsty Panther

    Why Isn't Leadwerks More Popular?

    Didn't even realize he was gone. Just about every search I do on here he has a reply with code examples. Which is gold. I still miss YouGroove. Posted lots of questions and created some very useful blogs.
  7. Thirsty Panther

    Roll call

    I'm still working on the 3rd person script. I have an old one that uses the Animation manager but this is no longer required. So I just trying to sort this out.
  8. Thirsty Panther

    Roll call

    I'll actually have more time to work on it over the holidays. I have to work a couple of days between Xmas ,New Year and sometime spent with friends and family but otherwise I should be able add some more to the project. I agree we need to get the mechanics of the game sorted. Once thats done then people can pick a level and create it.
  9. Thirsty Panther

    Final(ish) Design Doc

    Nice work on the Game Design Document. A lot of work has been put into it. Now all we have to do is implement it
  10. Thirsty Panther

    Little Dagon

    This was a great little game back in 2016 keen to see where you have taken it now.
  11. Thirsty Panther

    "2D Animated Sprites" Demonstrating a Point

    Some threads that maybe of use.
  12. Thirsty Panther

    Main character

    I need a little more time to get the Third Person Camera script working. I think it would be better to use First Person for our opening map as its an indoor setting and 3rd person struggles with all the walls. We can switch to 3rd person once we progress to the Island maps.
  13. Thirsty Panther

    Island Progress

    I agree 100m should be fine. Like you said larger doesn't always mean better. Trying to fill large maps with props and enemies can be difficult.
  14. Thirsty Panther

    Vertex Colour Low Poly Test

    I didn't even know that vertex painting was a thing. Seems that 3D coat can do this and I don't have to worry about UVs etc. I'm learning quiet a bit doing this project. Thanks.
  15. Thirsty Panther

    Island Progress

    Nice work. How big can we make the Island and does the Navmesh work on them?