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  1. Thirsty Panther

    How to use the underwater shader?

    Here is a Youtube series on shaders using Leadwerks. Shadmar removed his shaders sometime ago. He was unable to update them to the workshop and the developed some glitches. Maybe he might like to fix them and sell them on the market place
  2. Thirsty Panther

    Navmesh and pathfinding

    Can you show us a picture of your Navmesh. In the editor selct veiw - show navigation. Also crawlers cannot climb slopes with an angle greater than 45 degrees.
  3. Thirsty Panther

    Problem with collision

    You need to change the axis origin of your character. Its looks like it is in the centre of your charcter, you need it to be at the base. You can use Blender or your modeling program of choice to alter this. https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/1291/change-pivot-or-local-origin-of-an-object
  4. Thirsty Panther

    Why do I keep hitting myself?

    This one?
  5. Thirsty Panther

    Development kickstart

    Been having problems with my Laptop ( intermitent crashing) but I'm keen to get back into it. Will have a look at the new level over the weekend.
  6. Thirsty Panther

    Problem with crawler and monsterAI-script

    Have you generated a Navmesh? https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_Games_First-Person-Shooter_AI-Pathfinding-and-Events
  7. Thirsty Panther

    General Problem

    Have you created a navmesh? https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_Games_First-Person-Shooter_AI-Pathfinding-and-Events
  8. Thirsty Panther

    Tank Controls

    Try here
  9. Thirsty Panther

    Sound and players

    Doesn't Leadwerks do this for you? Place your sound pivot on the Helicopter ,SetRange for the distance that the helicopter can be heard from, and a Listener object on your player (FPS script has one already) and Leadwerks will do the rest. Or have I got this all wrong?
  10. Thirsty Panther

    Vertex coloring out of the box

    @ Aggror in thread you link to, I created a simple machine and vertex painted it using 3D Coat ( you can use most 3d Modelling programs to do this). I then exported it as an FBX file and imported it straight into LW. The paint information was stored in the file and no textures were needed. So in answer to your question the texture information should be in your file and work straight out of the box.
  11. Thirsty Panther

    Steam Achievements

    Try here https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/achievements/ach_guide
  12. Thirsty Panther

    Good genre to start with?

    I recommend a FPS game. Leadwerks comes with scripts for the player and the enemies all you really have to do is make the maps. You have the terrain editor to make the ground/ hills/ trees and csg brushes to make buildings etc.
  13. Thirsty Panther

    Could someone explain to me the proper use of "return"?

    From Programming in Lua by Roberto Ierusalimschy A return statement returns occasional results from a function or simply finishes a function. There is an implicit return at the end of any function, so you do not need to use one if your function ends naturally, without returning any value. For syntactic reasons, a break or return can appear only as the last statement of a block (in other words, as the last statement in your chunk or just before an end, an else, or an until). For instance, in the next example, break is the last statement of the then block. local i = 1 while a[i] do if a[i] == v then break end i = i + 1 end Usually, these are the places where we use these statements, because any other statement following them is unreachable. Sometimes, however, it may be useful to write a return (or a break) in the middle of a block; for instance, if you are debugging a function and want to avoid its execution. In such cases, you can use an explicit do block around the statement: function foo () return --<< SYNTAX ERROR -- `return' is the last statement in the next block do return end -- OK ... -- statements not reached end
  14. Thirsty Panther

    Script Error

    All fixed. Deleted - reload - all working.
  15. Thirsty Panther

    Script Error

    Not on Beta. Must be my build. I'm up to date on the build but still get the error. Might delete my build and re download.