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  1. There is a Backup folder in your Leadwerks directory which saves versions of your maps.
  2. After some initial problems I've got my Skybox pipeline sorted. To celebrate and to show my appreciation for the help the community provided I'm releasing these Skyboxes for free. Enjoy. SkyBox2.zip SkyBox3.zip Skybox15.zip
  3. Thought of using a VR headset with this?
  4. If I use Chris V Skywerks textures from the Steam Workshop they work fine, no seams. So there is something going on in the convert texture to material part of the pipeline. The mystery continues.
  5. More data. Tried fresh project. Tried exporting images from paint.net instead of Gimp. Loaded Spacebox into net.paint and exported as dds file. Loaded the Spacebox from the Forth project straight into Leadwerks and still got the seam. Does anyone else have this problem. I'm starting to think its Leadwerks Skybox shader.
  6. I get the same problem with a 6x1 image. I've tried lots of variations. Increasing the resolution of the image improves it. Decreasing the resolution makes some of the other seams visible. Cropping the z image doesn't help.
  7. I making my own Skybox using Bryce and Gimp using a dds plugin. I get a good result except for a one seam which appears around the negative Z image. Anyone have a solution? Or ideas how to fix it. Skybox.png
  8. I loaded it into 3D coat then exported it as FBX. Are you using Blender? How are you exporting the file? Setting etc.
  9. Try this. He will need resizing in the model editor. Kuznec2.fbx
  10. Could we put these in the Market Place. Its difficult to find things in the forums.
  11. Could turn this into Robot Soccer.
  12. Flowgraph editor can be use to link objects without the need for complicated programming. For example a switch can be linked to a light, a door or even an elevator. Or you could have the one switch operate all 3 just by linking them in the flowgraph editor. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_Games_First-Person-Shooter_Switches-and-the-Flowgraph There are also example maps in the FPS template which give good examples of how to use it.
  13. Dont know for sure but usually when Steam sales are on. https://www.whenisthenextsteamsale.com/
  14. Some off road games.
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