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  1. Just receive an email from Adobe detailing changes that are being made to Maximo. It states that the on August 22 you will no longer be able to store your assets in the Assets folder. Faceplus, Decimator, Control-rig scripts and the Maximo forums will no longer be available. More information here Could be the beginning of the end for Maximo!
  2. One week to go.
  3. Shame. From memory you covered most of the topics Josh is after.
  4. Hey Roland didn't you do a youtube series on C++ in Leadwerks? I can't find it. Did you remove it?
  5. Your link doesn't work for me. There is an edge shader in the archive There is a glow shader in this thread.
  6. I've been running the Monthly Script Challenge for several months now and I have run out of ideas for future challenges. So I'm asking the community for suggestions. We need ideas that can be solved with a single script and that the community needs. I thought of a voxel system (minecraft) but this would be too complex for a monthly challenge. So lets hear your ideas.
  7. Congratulations to PerWspen00 for his wining entry in the forth monthly script challenge. Great implementation of a Gravity Gun. The script provided also supplied tons of documentation so that others can see how it was done. I will be in contact regarding your prize.
  8. I believe this was a problem some time ago but was fixed with an update. Is your project up to date?
  9. This Monthly challenge covered this.
  10. Maths - Plane in contents section lists as inverse, transpose,inverse, transpose. Should read DistanceToPoint, GetNormal, IntersectsLine, Transpose. First inverse does link to DistanceToPoint First transpose does link to GetNormal Second inverse links to IntersectsLine Second transpose also links to IntersectsLine Maths - Vec4 contents should read xy and xyz but shows Cross and DistanceToPoint links go to the right information thou. Maths - Curve "Failed to load page" Maths - Min "Failed to load page" Source - Lock "Failed to load page" Surface - GetTriangleVertex "Failed to load page" Steamworks - Initialize "Failed to load page" System - GetPlatformName "Failed to load page" Vehicle - GetCurrent "Failed to load page" Ok I think thats it. Men in white coats are coming to give me my medicine now:)
  11. Entity - Emitter - ClearPostEffects "Failed to load page" Entity - Model - Sprite "Failed to load page" Entity - Model - Sprite - Lens Flare "Failed to load page" Entity - SetMatrix "Failed to load page" Entity - GetPhysicsMode seems incomplete has syntax and nothing else. FileSystem - StripAll "Failed to load page" FileSystem - StripDir "Failed to load page" Joint - DisableLimits seems incomplete has syntax only and starts with "this function enables joint limits! Joint - DisableMotor seems incomplete syntax only Joint - EnableLimits seems incomplete syntax only
  12. Analytics - Disable "Failed to load page" Material- GetShaderMode "Failed to load page" Texture - GetFormat "Failed to load page" Context - GetWindow shows GetWidth Context - Plot shows GetWidth Context - Sync shows SetTranslation
  13. Welcome to the Fifth Monthly Script Challenge. Each Month I will set a challenge for gifted Leadwerkers to solve. Once you have perfected your script post your map to this thread. At the end of the month I will go through all the entries and judge the winner. I will then place the winning map on the Workshop so others can learn from them. Rules. Entries must be your own work. Entries must be submitted before the end of the month ( May ). Any assets you use must be your own or Royalty free. The map that you submit can be used by others for commercial use. Have fun. May Challenge Another weapon challenge this month. Sorry mdgunn its not a portal gun. Most of the weapons we currently have for Leadwerks operate on a single target. What we need is something that will take out a group of enemies in a hurry. So this months challenge is to make a grenade. Your grenade should damage all enemies within the blast area. It should also have an effect on physical objects in the blast area. Think barrels getting knocked over etc. How you implement your script is up to you. Remember the winning script should not only solve the problem but should also have comprehensive comments within the script so that new users can learn from your script. Prize Damien Defranco and his company Vixeemo are now the proud sponsors of the Leadwerks community monthly script challenge. Vixeemo ( is an all-in-one business solutions brand for your start-up or project needs. The winner will receive a free web & graphic design package provided by Vixeemo that includes a 3-page professional website design (Home, About, Contact), logo design and integration, banner/slider design, a blog section, and an additional gallery page to showcase images/video or projects. Vixeemo will work with the winner to fully customize everything to bring the vision to fruition. This prize is perfect for any Leadwerks user who wants to get their project or brand onto the internet. The winner will need to provide the domain ( TomsHardware Guide ), and Vixeemo will do the rest. This design package is valued at over $400 USD. A great prize for your hard work and a great way to give your game project that professional look to make it stand out from the crowd. If you have any ideas or thoughts on the Challenge please feel free to comment. I'm are looking forward to your submissions. PS Josh could you kindly pin this thread please.
  14. Ok. Entries are closed. I will check PerEspen00 entry over the next couple of days. Checkout this months challenge.
  15. Goodluck with your studies.