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  1. WHAT! You live in Hawaii and you have never been surfing? Will the tricks/ moves been done in a downhill or half-pipe style? Goodluck, looking forward to what you develop.
  2. Stop The Bots!

    1. Genebris


      They are taking our jobs!

    2. gamecreator


      I know it's not likely (since Josh's forum uses phpBB, I believe) but it would be nice to have custom code to detect and deal with bots like this.

    3. Slastraf


      or just disable making unlimited posts for accounts without prior posts

  3. You need to make a camera pick after you make your mouse down is registered. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_Camera_Pick I explain its use in a post I made for Operation Wolf remake.
  4. Hard to tell without seeing your code but I'm guessing you are not resetting your variable for the key press for the first question. ie Question one: Answer = "F3" Question two: Answer = still equals "F3" from question one. Hope this helps. Good to have you back.
  5. Nice. Maybe a little randomness on the leaves would make them a little more realistic. They act like missiles now.
  6. Sorry, just read your discussion on Discord. Josh should have solved the problem.
  7. So on the Forum home page in the top right hand corner there should be a box "Recent Status Updates" and a text box asking "Whats on your mind?" Is this missing for you?
  8. From memory Josh said there was no difference. Ah here it is.
  9. If you are using the default Monster AI script then the part you are looking for is: function Script:Hurt(damage,distributorOfPain) if self.health>0 then if self.target==nil then self.target=distributorOfPain self:SetMode("attack") end self.health = self.health - damage if self.health<=0 then self.entity:SetMass(0) self.entity:SetCollisionType(0) self.entity:SetPhysicsMode(Entity.RigidBodyPhysics) self:SetMode("dying") end end end After the self:SetMode("dying") place your code to increase the number of kills. Kills= Kills + 1
  10. Sorry. PBR materials. https://www.textures.com/browse/pbr-materials/114558
  11. Are you still going to add PBR files to the new Engine?
  12. It seems Aggror has removed a lot of his Leadwerks Videos. Project Saturn along with his C++ videos are no longer on YouTube. Maybe he thought they were too old.
  13. Thanks Catch and GC for the help. Turns out that Leadwerks does recognize the % as modulo. So if X%2 equals 0 then its an even number and if X%2 does not equal 0 its an odd number. Changing the 2 to other numbers will be true if the x is a multiple of that number. Now back to making a hex map.
  14. How do I tell if a variable is odd or even using Lua? % is used in other languages is it the same with Leadwerks?
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