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  1. Shadmar has a Firepit in the Workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=312811332&searchtext= There are also smoke and spark emitter examples there as well.
  2. What material do you have loaded for your Emitter? If you change it to "Default" do you still get the same result? I have made the same scene as you and it works fine. On my laptop I get 60 fps with no lag. Is the material you are using a sprite sheet? In which case you will need to set up the uv animations in the emitter settings. P.S. I enjoy watching your videos.
  3. This all seems very logical to me. "Leadwerks 5" would struggle to get the beginner audience as other engines have this well covered. Some provide asset flip products while others offer free assets every month. Very hard for Leadwerks to compete in this market space. Especially as they are free although they take a % of anything you make. I can see as the owner of Leadwerks why you would be excited with the interest of aerospace and the military in your product. Guaranteed income is a comfort that allows you time to perfect and focus on the future. Hope you don't forget your original users. The loss of the Steam workshop is not a big deal as long as you continue the Leadwerks Market place. I think its a good idea to have a place were users can share assets to help each other out and to provided a modest income for those gifted enough to produce something that other users are interested in. Pricing is very fair. I don't get why you would pay $10/month when you can own Leadwerks for $100. Inside a year you are better off with the pay upfront option. Or does the subscription always have the latest version and the pay upfront have to pay for updates? I was never really sold on the idea of calling the new engine Turbo. A google search for Turbo Engine will get lost in thousands of references to automotive products. Looking forward to the next name.
  4. In your code you will want to "clamp" the self.sWheel variable. Math:Clamp(self.sWheel,0,30) You will need to alter the 0 to whatever minimum value you wish to set your zoom to. The 30 value will be your maximum zoom value.
  5. There is GoToPoint but It is used for walking characters and wouldn't work for a camera.
  6. Try this thread, its old but should give you an idea about how to do this. There is a note script is available in the workshop also. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=388493460&searchtext=
  7. Try here Its based on Ricks old video. https://www.indiedb.com/engines/leadwerks-engine/videos/teleport-tutorial-by-rick
  8. WHAT! You live in Hawaii and you have never been surfing? Will the tricks/ moves been done in a downhill or half-pipe style? Goodluck, looking forward to what you develop.
  9. Stop The Bots!

    1. Genebris


      They are taking our jobs!

    2. gamecreator


      I know it's not likely (since Josh's forum uses phpBB, I believe) but it would be nice to have custom code to detect and deal with bots like this.

    3. Slastraf


      or just disable making unlimited posts for accounts without prior posts

  10. You need to make a camera pick after you make your mouse down is registered. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_Camera_Pick I explain its use in a post I made for Operation Wolf remake.
  11. Hard to tell without seeing your code but I'm guessing you are not resetting your variable for the key press for the first question. ie Question one: Answer = "F3" Question two: Answer = still equals "F3" from question one. Hope this helps. Good to have you back.
  12. Nice. Maybe a little randomness on the leaves would make them a little more realistic. They act like missiles now.
  13. Sorry, just read your discussion on Discord. Josh should have solved the problem.
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