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  1. TattieBoJangle


    The ability to scale it would be better so we can have lakes/ponds at different heights 1 giant plain is useless unless your map is flat.
  2. I think the links for the old one was removed but trust me when and if goes on sale its worth every penny
  3. I believe Shadmar is making improvements to it just now then will be on sale in the workshop
  4. also the ability to move them up and down would be nice.
  5. Just the Hud image so far i thought the above method would scale to screen size but for me it didn't so i just had to manually set the image size. context:DrawImage(self.overlay, 0,0, 1920, 1080) As for getting it to animate i have the images but i will need to research more and play with a script to make it so but beginning to wonder what sort of preformance hit this will have.
  6. Thanks for the info you don't happen to know why it isn't scaling properly its always short at the top running fullscreen 1920x1080 --Draw overlay if self.overlay ~= nil then context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) context:SetColor(1,1,1,1) context:DrawImage(self.overlay, 0, context:GetHeight() - self.overlay:GetHeight()) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Solid) end end
  7. Nice could i use a sprite sheet or would i need to have them individual.
  8. I see yea i was hoping to have it animated but i guess i can have it static. Another thing i have noticed is i am using a hud that covers my screen sort of like a visor the image is 1920x1080 but when i place it in leadwerks it 2048x1024 for textures this is needed but is there anyway to stop this as i have to scale it and it isnt as good or fits all that well.
  9. Is there anyway to use gif files at all i am trying to get one working with my Hud.
  10. Hi Josh, Is there anyway you can fix the files included when you publish a game the problem i am having is if i place a model into the scene and then i remove it as it doesn't look right or for whatever reason then after saving it still gets publishes no rush to fix it as i know you are just back form vacation
  11. I had a problem like this and it was down to Assertion failed: npath < m_maxPath, file c:\leadwerks\engine\source\libraries\recastnavigation\detourcrowd\source\detourpathcorridor.cpp, line 506 I had to run it in debug mode and it didn't show as and error it was in the output window.
  12. I think the ability to make like folders in the scene tab this would let you organise your files better group them by type ect like +Trees +Veg i know this is sort of possible just now but it makes them children and can effect some thing.
  13. You need to set the textures to DXT5 and set shader to alphamask
  14. I believe a lot of the stuff in the workshop no longer works i haven't tried the trees but i have downloaded a few things that dont work, the workshop may need a clean out.
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