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  1. on my mind?, di.fm with the volume on boost x10

  2. thanks for the quick answer. i think these commands should be implemented, they are essential. off to the booleans for the left and right
  3. c++ "In C++ it's harder to shoot yourself in the foot, but when you do, you blow off your whole leg." — Bjarne Stroustrup.
  4. I am making my own gui with the 2d draw properties in LE, but i encountered a obstacle. i can find the MouseDown and the MouseHit commands, but i cannot find the syntax for MouseUp/MouseClick/MouseDoubleClick commands. does anyone know them?
  5. ok, Thanks! class.lua hold indeed a lot of info. gonna spend the rest of the week on LUA tutorials.
  6. games used to be made by gamers, today it,s all marketeers

    1. niv3k


      thats why i will never buy another Activision game again. Ubisoft i like even though they have some problems with the anti-pirate **** they put wtih games...but other than that, i find their games more with experimenting than most companies.


  7. aye, helemaal mee eens!

  8. thanks you two, now i know what the basics are. so i made an object to store the fog settings and a LUA file like this: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// require("scripts/class") local class=CreateClass(...) function class:InitDialog(grid) self.super:InitDialog(grid) group=grid:AddGroup( "FogSetting" ) group:AddProperty( "FogOnOff", PROPERTY_BOOL) group:AddProperty( "FOG_R", PROPERTY_FLOAT,'|0.0,1.0,1' ) group:AddProperty( "FOG_G", PROPERTY_FLOAT,'|0.0,1.0,1' ) group:AddProperty( "FOG_B", PROPERTY_FLOAT,'|0.0,1.0,1' ) group:AddProperty( "FOG_A", PROPERTY_FLOAT,'|0.0,1.0,1' ) group:AddProperty( "FogAngleB", PROPERTY_FLOAT,'|0.0,90,1' ) group:AddProperty( "FogAngleE", PROPERTY_FLOAT,'|0.0,90,1' ) group:AddProperty( "FogRangeB", PROPERTY_FLOAT,'|0.0,5000,1' ) group:AddProperty( "FogRangeE", PROPERTY_FLOAT,'|0.0,5000,1' ) group:Expand(1) end function class:CreateObject(model) local object=self.super:CreateObject(model) object.model:SetKey("FogOnOff","1") object.model:SetKey("FOG_R","1") object.model:SetKey("FOG_G","1") object.model:SetKey("FOG_B","1") object.model:SetKey("FOG_A","1") object.model:SetKey("FogAngleB","0") object.model:SetKey("FogAngleE","45") object.model:SetKey("FogRangeB","0") object.model:SetKey("FogRangeE","10") end ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// can I just use: group=grid:AddGroup( "FogSetting" ) or are there predefined groupnames? are there reserved group names? it does seem to work though, but i am afraight to use names that are not to be used. thanks for the help!
  9. Ik d8: nederlands moeten altijd in mun vrienden lijstje staan!!

  10. we wished too battle gemany, not spain....gratz anyway, cya folks on sunday. oranje boven!

  11. As there is no LUA section on the wiki, and LUA being such a big part of LE, is there some tutorial on, how LUA model files should be. i am looking at the LUA files that come along with the models supplied with LE, but there is no explanation. the only explanation i could find was in the "Leadwerks 2.3 - User Guide - 1.01" it said : require("scripts/class") local class=CreateClass(...) *For an exact explanation of what this script does, please ask on the forum with other words, what is the correct syntax of LUA for model files. i looked at some tutorials on LUA but non explain the usage with LE, they just explain the LUA language, i just want to make LUA files for models, not script or program in LUA in any way.
  12. german vs holland in the final match, legendary, Oranje Boven!

  13. "640K of RAM for a personal computer ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981 I used to work on a IBM 5155 portable computer that required a weelbarrow.
  14. Lumooja "hero No. 1" Thanks! this is exacly what i was looking for.
  15. also like Lazlos website

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