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  1. Finally decided on the concept for my snowboarding project.  Also recording music to play in the game.

  2. Oh wow I had no idea System:Set/GetProperty() saved/read a cfg file, derp. Shows how much I mess with file system stuff I guess haha. I'll just use that instead of making my own system, thanks!
  3. Hi all! I've been trying to get a save file system working and I've got to the point where I can write the savefile.txt as well as the data I'd like within it. Now I'm trying to read the data I've written on startup to apply the savefile changes. I am stuck trying to figure out how to use Stream:Seek() and Stream:ReadLine() to do this. Here is what my code currently looks like: savefile=FileSystem:ReadFile("snowboardingsavefile.txt") --create savefile if it doesnt exist if savefile==nil then savefile = FileSystem:WriteFile("snowboardingsavefile.txt") --setup first time win
  4. @Josh Yep the diagram and video I posted refer to regular style tricks. In my game you can switch between goofy and regular stance using a hotkey and by landing 180 degrees. Tricks are the same in both stances (for sake of less animation work) but they are basically inverted regular tricks for goofy. @jen Wow that's so funny that you mention Tony Hawk Pro Skater! I grew up playing tony hawk and 1080 snowboarding on my N64 so they have been a huge inspiration (as well as reference) for my game. Your advice is great and is somewhat similar to what I've done in my game for jumps.
  5. Making progress... hoping to have a playable alpha of my game to share with the community soon.

  6. Ah, keen observation and question. hahah Well, I haven't successfully gone surfing but I only tried less than 5 times. I never even managed to balance on the board let alone catch a wave. On the other hand I have body/boogie boarded a lot but thats super different because you can't really do tricks like grabs. The tricks will be done in both styles! I've recently finished testing a working halfpipe that can be placed in any map alongside the normal jumps and terrain slopes. So you can basically do any of the tricks anywhere, it's really cool. I just have to develop some real ma
  7. Time to start animating some snowboarding tricks! 


  8. So I've been researching snowboarding lately to get an idea of what animations and mechanics I need to create for my game. I have learned lots of interesting things since I've only seen snow once or twice in my entire life and have never even tried snowboarding or any other board sports (skateboarding, surfing, etc.) for that matter. Snowboarding tricks are quite interesting as they are mostly derived from skateboarding. Snowboarding tricks pay homage to their equivalent skating tricks by sharing many concepts and names. For example basic grabs in snowboarding share the same con
  9. Oh, nice! Didn't know widget:SetRange() was a thing. Just tested it out with my gui and it's working perfectly. Would be cool to add that command under one or more of the sliders you make in the documentation example. Thanks Josh!
  10. I created an audio options menu that has sliders for different sound sources. The problem is the sliders range seems to be 0-9 and I want it to be 0-10. I looked in the documentation, these forums, and through the slider script but can't figure out how to change the range. Is there anyway to change the slider range?
  11. Hard to believe it's been over 5 years since I first started using Leadwerks.... man I'm feeling old.  Also I'm casually working on stuff again!  Managed to code a custom character controller for my Snow Rider game that I'm extremely happy with, will share more soon.  Also, I've basically given up on making Hunt For Food since it just isn't happening no matter how hard I try but I still mess around with the procedural generation and enemy AI scripts.  Looking forward to being active again and I hope everyones doing alright!

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    2. Haydenmango


      Nice to see some familiar users still around. 

      @gamecreator Nothing new planned yet but I'm trying to come up with some ideas while I mess around with old projects.

        Hunt For Food was just too ambitious of a project for me to do alone.  My big development bottleneck was getting art assets; specifically animated animals/people.  Eventually the game turned into a testing grounds for procedural concepts.

      @Thirsty Panther  Thanks for the kind words! :) 


    3. gamecreator


      Makes sense.  It seems like it's a pretty scalable project but sometimes we can't help but want more (especially when we have a big world to populate).  As for assets, you probably already know about Turbosquid and Sketchfab but while they both have some great quality free assets, they tend not to be animated, or even rigged.

    4. Haydenmango


      Yeah I had around 10 unique animated human models from Arteria3D and Turbosquid that worked well enough but I wanted more still.  The issue became really obvious when I added biomes and started seeing the no shirt barbarians in the freezing tundra and the fully armored knights in the hot desert.  

      My real dream was to have a procedural human generator.  I never really worked on that though as I needed a nice library of body part meshes to use which would need to be custom made.  I got as far as making a "base" human model/skeleton with MakeHuman that would be the foundation to build on.

  12. I was unaware The Zone was infinite. As for suggestions I have this:
  13. Yay Josh is showing interest in procedural stuff. This would be amazing if it comes with an LOD system for normal entities. Limiting LOD to vegetation makes open world design extra complicated and is one of the main reasons I put hunt for food on hold. As martyj said: with the current system only your vegetation could be infinite; you will quickly run out of space for real entities on the scene tree and eventually render your project unusable by adding too many entities.
  14. Ahhhh and there it is! Thanks both of you.
  15. Really nice, lots of great changes/additions in this update. Now it's time for me to rewrite Hunt For Food with the new GUI, change lots of shaders, and add IK joints to stuff! How do I use the new Fog? I couldn't find how to set it up anywhere and now I feel dumb. There is no fog shader in a newly created project, no graphics option for fog, or a checkbox under world for fog (like there is for water) so I'm totally lost. Also the GUI system could be explained better; more usage examples or even tutorials would really really help.
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