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  1. I was unaware The Zone was infinite. As for suggestions I have this:
  2. Yay Josh is showing interest in procedural stuff. This would be amazing if it comes with an LOD system for normal entities. Limiting LOD to vegetation makes open world design extra complicated and is one of the main reasons I put hunt for food on hold. As martyj said: with the current system only your vegetation could be infinite; you will quickly run out of space for real entities on the scene tree and eventually render your project unusable by adding too many entities.
  3. Ahhhh and there it is! Thanks both of you.
  4. Really nice, lots of great changes/additions in this update. Now it's time for me to rewrite Hunt For Food with the new GUI, change lots of shaders, and add IK joints to stuff! How do I use the new Fog? I couldn't find how to set it up anywhere and now I feel dumb. There is no fog shader in a newly created project, no graphics option for fog, or a checkbox under world for fog (like there is for water) so I'm totally lost. Also the GUI system could be explained better; more usage examples or even tutorials would really really help.
  5. Update: Looks like Josh decided to work on this! https://www.leadwerks.com/community/blogs/entry/1969-new-physics-features-in-leadwerks-44/#comment-8528
  6. So based on the lack of direct responses to my question "Is there no way to add more constraint/tightness to hinge joints?" I will assume the answer is that there is currently no way to do this. If there is a way to do this someone please tell me, I really really really want to get this to work properly. I've had so many ideas for using joint physics lately but 90% of these ideas (pretty much any idea involving moving joints) won't work accurately without the ability to constrain/tighten the joints. If there really is no way to do this currently could this topic be moved to the suggestion box please?
  7. In my edit I describe how this occurs with just csg boxes and hinge joints as well. You can play the Castle Defender game on the workshop to see it happening for yourself. Is there no way to add more constraint/tightness to hinge joints?
  8. I mean the tightness of a free spinning joint. For example: Parent and child of hinge joint are both children of a jumping character. The child of the hinge joint is way too slow to follow the character while they are jumping or even walking slowly. So if I used a weapon or even hair as the child it would appear to be floating behind the player as it catches up. Is there any sort of constraint or tightness value I can tweak to make the child react quicker? edit: Come to think of it I had the same issue in my Castle Defender demo game I made. The enemies were made of csg boxes connected by hinge joints so when you picked them up they could ragdoll. The issue appeared when the enemies were moved quickly or thrown as the connected body parts of the enemies would fly in every direction instead of holding together (it was pretty funny in that game though so I never thought to look into it).
  9. Is there any way to increase how fast the child of a hinge joint reacts? I am trying to add physics based dangling accessories to an animated character for fun and it is working but the hinge joint reacts too slowly to the movements which makes it look weird. Just for extra info I'm not currently in the beta.
  10. I lost all my favorite photos on my old computer sadly. All I have left are a couple of videos on my youtube channel and I watch them occasionally to reminisce. It's not a photo but here's my favorite hiking compilation video I made that captures some of my favorite hikes in Hawaii. 2:59-3:42 is the best part
  11. Working on Hunt For Food again after a looooonnngggg break. It feels really good to get back to work on this project! :D

  12. Haydenmango

    Leadwerks 4.3 RC3

    Everything seems to be working fine on my end now.
  13. I ran into this as well when making custom collision shapes for my trees. All my trees in my game (Hunt For Food) are un-collapsed just to keep their physics shape and I'm quite sure that is hurting performance. It would be ideal if the collision shape could be kept but the collision mesh child removed when collapsing a model.
  14. Is anyone on the beta branch having issues with npcs using setinput moving slower than they should? I'm having a hard time finding what could be the problem so I'm wondering if anyone else is having similar issues.

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      Want me to try your code out? Maybe I can find out why.

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      Sure, I sent you a pm.

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      Fixed, thanks!

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