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  1. KTyJLXy

    Chain physics

    So, i'm trying to make Joint:Ball script and so far i have joint script: Script.parent = nil --entity Script.child = nil --entity Script.position = self.model:GetPosition --Vec3 function Script:Start() App:Joint(self.position, self.child, self.parent) end And app function for creating joints: function App:Joint(parent_position, child, parent) joint = Joint:Ball(self.parent_position, self.child, self.parent) end All it does now - just crashes the game. What i did wrong?
  2. Well were is http://lame.sourceforge.net/ lame encoder. Afair it can be used for commercial under LGPL licence. But .acc or .ogg would be nice too.
  3. Any chance we could see some compressed audio formats support, like .mp3? It's really a pain then project gets twice the size, just from adding music.
  4. KTyJLXy

    Chain physics

    That helps, thanks a lot
  5. KTyJLXy

    Chain physics

    Can you be little more specific, please? How do i implement ball joint mechanic in the leadwerks? (Sorry if that questions is kinda stupid...)
  6. Sup guys, long time no see. I've just wanted to know, if there anyway to get chain physics for the model? For swinging things around on the end of that chain, you know, all that stuff. I can't think of any good method to do this. Any tips?
  7. You might wanna read this http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/8845-selfworldclear-bug/
  8. Yep, issue seems to be with unloading the standart FPSplayer.lua script. I've used TPS/FPS player script from here http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/436-fps-and-tps-controller/ And it works fine now. I can't say what is the key difference between these two scripts, but then again, i don't know how world:clear works, since i have indie edition.So i just don't know where to look. I'll try to poke around in the player script and see if i can make it unload properly. Thanks for the advise by the way
  9. Yep, and that Level is in the project i've attached to the post. Well, you've seen lua code, and said it's nothing wrong with it, so i assume it is a bug, since there is no other way to unload the world. Besides, windows critical is definatly a bug, if you ask me. Here's the screenshot btw.
  10. Here's some of my systems specs, if it helps. Just got the time to post these.
  11. By the way, Rick, i wonder if you could sent me empty project with just level change somewhere in it. That way i could check if it is just my leadwerks creating projects wrongly.
  12. I'm using leadwerks steam edition. Had windows critical on attempt to clear world before, now it fail on the self.world:Clear() line with following output: and here is the project i've created just to test that http://yadi.sk/d/7oKiE7UEK2cgM aaand the thread there it all started. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/8840-levelchange-problems/
  13. Btw, how do i submit bugreport in here?
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