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  1. Programming forums

    Hello Josh, I want to thank you for all the hard-work you put into making Leadwerks game engine, website and C++ tutorials. However i would like to point out the change to the only listing C++ in your tutorials section is "not a good idea". I guess if you only want all your users to learn c++? I am really disappointed if this it true. Thanks, Leroy
  2. Help with animate command

    Thank very much for your help. IT"S WORKING NOW AGAIN>>>>>>> So i could use the sample code in the stand alone script and use the findchild command to call it out from the scene file. I need more practic finding the equivalent command. I didn't know where to start being a noobie and all.\
  3. Help with animate command

    I like the way you did it and really appreciated your help. But i made this code work in C++ and couldn't sleep at night with out learning how to make it work the same in lua. Does that make sence. I tried the (frame Mod (frameend - framebegin)) and i get a Lua error string "start.lua 56 expected near 'Mod' when i try and run it. Why does this happen? if remove the mod the script will run but just move the engine one frame. Thank you, Leroy
  4. Help with animate command

    Hello All, I am tyring to use the findchild command to animate a model in a scene file. Does anyone know what i am doing wrong with my lua script. I get the model to just move a little bit then stop. Help what am i doing wrong? Thank you, Leroy require("Scripts/constants/engine_const") //Register the Path RegisterAbstractPath("") //Setup the display mode Graphics(800,600) //Frame Work of the leadwerks fw = CreateFramework() //Setup the camera camera = camera:SetPosition(Vec3(0,2,-10)) camRotation=Vec3(0,0,0) MoveMouse(GraphicsWidth()/2,GraphicsHeight()/2) HideMouse(1) //Home made scene scene = LoadScene("abstract::leroy1.sbx") //Find Inworld Camera cameraleroy = scene:FindChild("start") AppLog(cameraleroy) //Position Camera in start point framebegin = 0 frameend = 0 frame =0 //Find animated engine inworld leroyengine = scene:FindChild("engineone") while KeyHit(KEY_ESCAPE)==0 do //Animate engine model framebegin=100.0 frameend=227.0 frame=AppTime()/100.0 frame=frameend-framebegin+framebegin Animate(leroyengine,frame,1.0,0,true) UpdateAppTime() //Camera Look Around gx=Curve(MouseX()- GraphicsWidth()/2,gx,10) gy=Curve(MouseY()- GraphicsHeight()/2,gy,10) MoveMouse(GraphicsWidth()/2,GraphicsHeight()/2) camRotation.x = camRotation.x+gy /10 camRotation.y = camRotation.y-gx /10 camera:SetRotation(camRotation,1) //Run engine inworld //keys move = Curve(KeyDown(KEY_W)-KeyDown(KEY_S),move,10) strafe = Curve(KeyDown(KEY_D)-KeyDown(KEY_A),strafe,10) camera:Move(Vec3(strafe /15,0,move,15)) fw:Update() fw:Render() Flip(0) end
  5. Running a animation from a scene file

    Hello all. Where can i find a tutorial loading a scene file and contolling a animated models animation in the scene file. My engine.gmf has diffrent animations from 1 to 400. I wouldl like to control animation 1 to 40 then control 100 to 189. Thank you, Leroy
  6. Lua Simple Animation from a sbx

    Thank you that totaly helps I am on my way now.
  7. Lua Simple Animation from a sbx

    Thank you for your responce, Would it be to much to ask for an example in both?
  8. Lua Simple Animation from a sbx

    Hello All, I am a noobie to Lua and c++, I would like to learn this in Lua. However i would like to control mesh animation loaded into a Leadwerks scene. Currently i have a mesh animated and want to control the animation with a keyboard key with sound started at the same time. So how do you control a animated mesh with a keyboard key when it's loaded into a scene? Also my question is, Do i need to control the animation from inside the Editor and save it with the scene. Let me know if am not clear on anything. Thank you,
  9. Newbie Programmer

    Hello, Thanks for your responce, I did do all the tutorials Josh had to offer in the old engine. Also looked at them again today. Also i am using C++VS2008 express to answer your quesiton. Also do you have a code example of first person shooter getting in to a car or truck i could see and learn from? ALso is there any tutorials on modeling a car and rigging it to work in Leadwerks? Thank you, Leroy '
  10. Newbie Programmer

    Hello and thank you for your responce, I would like a code example ride in the text car in the new editor. So a first person view, also what ever models i load into the Editor show up in the complied version. Just show a code exmaple to do this please to get my started with the new engine. THank you, Leroy
  11. Newbie Programmer

    Help with loading a custom scene.sbx files. Can anyone give the the location and where to put the scene files and code example to load myscene.sbx file and complie into the game.