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  1. If you search for my username in this forum, I uploaded a couple PDFs years ago.
  2. In that case, probably of little value for your purposes. There is also Cairo: https://cairographics.org/download/ AntiGrain abandoned in 2006/7 but I seem to recall a fork of v2.4 by users: http://www.antigrain.com/index.html
  3. Don't know if you're looking but thee is also G'MIC + CImg: http://gmic.eu/, http://cimg.eu/
  4. Thank you. Now, I haven't yet looked at the tutorial but I think any effort to build teaching materials should be applauded.
  5. Thanks, I'll probably go with the recommended option though good to know about Junctions.
  6. I've just upgraded to a larger C drive and would like to move the Leadworks installation from another drive. I looked but it doesn't appear that the Steam client makes this easy. I assume I have to delete, manually or otherwise, then re-install. If not, suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. kennar


    If you have the means, why not put your furniture in storage, then spend a few months in various cities. And, don't just limit yourself to the US.
  8. That's great. There seems to be an error with downloading at the moment, will try later. I had started a manual conversion a couple weeks ago - just a few pages to explore formatting - and may continue in the new year. See attached. le3xb.pdf
  9. This character animation package may be of general interest: https://www.nukeygara.com/

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    2. Skrakle


      I saw a video a while ago about a rig tool that Josh was working on, is it still being developed?

    3. macklebee


      no - Boner3d as a product didn't happen but i wouldnt be surprised to see features of it to creep into Leadwerks at some point. Josh's charactershop app was a useful program and some of its features would be useful inside LE

    4. DatSexyGrid


      That's a shame I was looking forward to boner3d

  10. https://handmadehero.org/ looks like it might be interesting
  11. kennar

    What's Next

    Rick: This may not be to your liking but it looks like the Albalynx source has been opened (https://bitbucket.org/wolfhound512/albalynxproto?). I don`t mind it for my Allegro stuff because I essentially reuse the same code in every project. Also, ImGUI (https://github.com/ocornut/imgui) may be be suitable for utility projects.
  12. Are updates immediate for everyone or are there geographic differences in how Steam handles new releases?
  13. Is it confirmed that standalone will not get the 3.3 update?
  14. Does one have to be connected to Steam whenever developing?
  15. Again, I'm not opposed to upgrade costs and will likely (maybe) do this one but I would rather see a model of constant development and releases, with no lulls in the middle of the year. No bizarro marketing philosophies or teasers, just plain reliability. The example of Purebasic was offered earlier. Such an approach provides some confidence that the user base will grow. As noted above, this market is not captive meaning that users can simply switch, impacting the entire community. The potential for silence in the middle of the year is the perfect time to lose clients - too much ambiguity. Or, as in the case with Adobe, users often choose every second upgrade cycle. For a small operation that can prove fatal. And, again, the community suffers as a whole. Just my two cents.
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