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  1. Rick

    Clustered Forward Rendering

    1. I feel like I asked this already but does a clustered forward renderer add to the dev by having to be lightmap steps like older forward renderers did? Part of the cool part about the deferred rendering I always thought was you just put in a light and ran the game and didn't have to worry about that stuff wher ewith forward renderers you had to do the light baking step which always took a decent amount of time with big scenes. 2. Does a clustered forward renderer run on mobile? Not that is the focus just curious if it's a nice side effect?
  2. Rick

    Import script

    If that script just has functions in it then you can just call the functions as the import of the script will define the functions to be used. You can't just import an LE entity script like that and use it though. There are ways to get "classes" so you can do a self.whatever though. If you aren't an object oriented person then just define normal functions.
  3. Rick

    Summer Game Tournament

    I just love this idea of giving posters to people who make a game for these. Please keep that going as I'd love to have an office full of these things hung up on my wall!
  4. I can't edit texture files anymore. Does anyone else have this issue? I double click a tex file in the editor or right click and edit but the texture editor doesn't come up.

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    2. Josh


      Probably the settings have the window placed offscreen.

    3. Rick


      @Josh that was it. Was like wtf I even rebooted my PC and couldn't see it, but doing space brought up context menu then I could move it back. Thanks.

    4. macklebee


      The config file holds the position/size of these screens - so if you delete your current one, a default is created with default values which would have shown the texture editor again onscreen.

  5. Rick

    What Makes a Good Brand Name?

    I must say the first thing I thought when I saw Turbo was Torque and I cringed for a second but got over it. Swift would be a sweet name but stupid Apple took it already for their programming language.
  6. Will there be a summer game tournament? I'm all moved into the new house and itching for another game tournament to get the creative juices flowing again.

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    2. Rick


      I like minimalism as a theme but we've really never had a hard requirement for these and I liked that we haven't.

    3. gamecreator


      Vehicles would be perfect.  Josh said he was planning to release it in the summer, even if he has to code it himself.  Depending on the release date, the theme of travel or exploration could be good timing.

    4. Josh


      Unfurtunately I will not have an update ready in time, but I do have another big surprise that will help.

  7. Rick

    What Makes a Good Brand Name?

    I like it.
  8. Rick

    Day and Night Cycle shader

    Could you not camera switch and instead just snap the camera to the pos/rot it needs to be?
  9. Rick

    Font sizes and resolution

    I solved this by having the idea that everything is an "element" that has a bounding box area. That bounding box area (the size of the element) is the thing that's resized based on resolution so it looks the same between all resolutions. Then I have a label "widget" which is basically an element with just text. I can set the size of the text by setting it to be "x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, Fill". When the game starts it loads a bunch of fonts going up by 2 in size and stores them in a table. It then uses the font width and height functions to find the max font that fills the height and/or width (makes sure the font width/height isn't bigger than the bounding box of the element). Basically it starts at the biggest font loaded and goes down in size until the width and height fit into the element bounding box area. That's the fill font and all the other fonts are percentages of that. x-large = 80% of fill font, large = 70% etc (might not be exact numbers as I don't recall but you get the point). If the fill font size was 30 then x-large is 80% of 30 or 24. Since I only loaded fonts by multiples of 2 if the math works out to be an odd number (I truncate any decimals) then I subtract 1 to get the even number that is smaller so I know it'll fit. I mark the font as being used and assign that element that font object and any font in the table that isn't used is deleted from memory.
  10. Rick

    Dragging Animations Into Animation Window

    Yeah. Just more of a batch load vs individual. When there are 10+ it’s just tedious. Should be easy really. That file select dialog should support multi-select actually.
  11. Rick

    Dragging Animations Into Animation Window

    I'd like to see some automatic configuration around this (if it doesn't already exist) based on a naming convention. Perhaps open the model and click one button that brings them all in with the same name and an underscore or perhaps the @ which is popular format for this kind of thing. Perhaps a dialog that shows all them and you can multi-select which ones you want to add.
  12. Rick

    First Animation Metrics

    Do you feel the future of the flexible pipeline on the GPU will be 2 way communication? It seems that would help in this specific case and I would imagine others. I say this being ignorant of the effort the gfx card creators would have to do to get this, but at a high level it seems like it's an advancement in that field that could be helpful.
  13. Rick

    Animation in Leadwerks 5

    Yes, in Le 4. I was asking about le 5 animation seeing as it seemed like our feedback of the animation was going to be more limited. Normally I use the animation timing not just a timer that isn’t synced with the animation.
  14. Rick

    Animation in Leadwerks 5

    As long as that would work I think that's a good solution.
  15. Rick

    Animation in Leadwerks 5

    For me the biggest thing would be getting the feedback to know what "frame" (I know it's not frame based) the animation is on as that's when you run certain logic to sync things to an animation. Would we get that if another thread was doing the animation from the main thread?