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  1. No, you are not forced to use Lua. Using pure C++ is just fine.
  2. When you create a new project, there should be an option for a blank project.
  3. "Ideal" is sort of misleading. Easy would be more the word. Leaving it up to the client creates lots of cheating possibilities. This again depends on the game as well. If it's a slower paced game you can run the movement on the server and have it send position information to the clients and just smoothly move the clients based on the server positions. A turn based or RTS could do something like this. There is latency from the command from client to server then getting information back but often these kinds of games can mask that in various ways. In some games the character will do a little ani
  4. To me it sounds like you're talking about 2 issues really. The first one being GoToPoint() with high speeds isn't doing what you think it should be doing. It clearly has some kind of smoothing curve movement which means it can overshoot the points by a lot causing some issues. Then you're worried the client will do the same. Network movement code can be a pain to work with honestly and it all depends on your game style.
  5. The above code doesn't seem to be networked and that seems to be the issue you're having right? So you have other code for that? In that code do you keep calling GoToPoint() in a loop? I seem to recall, and this is a long time ago so if I'm wrong I'm sorry, you shouldn't be calling GoToPoint() in a loop. Instead call it once, then check if you're at the next point and once you hit it, call GoToPoint() again, then same thing.
  6. It's always interesting to see conventions used.They must have had the 8 character filename limitation, or someone wanted to hold it over (I've seen this even today by older programmers lol). Interesting that they put Class in every classes name. Not something you see much of these days with modern IDE's. They use inheritance over composition which is different from today's thoughts on game development thanks to the idea of entity programming. Browsing the code I'm shocked they didn't abuse the hell out of macros. That was a pretty common thing back in the day. Pretty much each method fits on
  7. Josh you might want to look at these Online Services. A fair amount of companies are doing it and it gives developers a way to have a lot of online features via web api calls that are common for a lot of games. It's basically your own web api on top of Azure/Amazon that helps manage user Id's, inventories, achievements, etc. Might be a good extra income source.
  8. Call of Duty is already 190gig so it would most likely be in the TB's with something like this pushed to the max.
  9. It doesn't use normal maps at all it seems. It just compresses the highly detailed model data (triangles), seemingly in real-time (or every few frames probably) depending on the camera distance. The closer you are the less compressed the model data would be meaning it's more detailed (more triangles). The farther away the model is from the camera the more compression the model data would get so it's less detailed (less triangles) since the eye won't notice? Basically dynamic "real-time" LOD like you noted. Since the idea of a normal map is to fake detail, and the idea here is to change detail
  10. UE 5 demo dropped. It talks about Nanite technology. Seems the idea is your models can be ultra detailed, no funny business like normal maps or anything just straight up source model with millions of polygons from your modelling package, just very detailed models, and this technology will automatically adjust the level of detail in real-time, sort of like tessellation, by streaming data from the model as needed. They say it's sort of like mipmaps. Just curious on Josh's take on something like this. It would be pretty cool to be able to set an overall frame polycount budget and have a system li
  11. How did you create that map? I thought LE5 didn't have an editor yet?
  12. Looking back at the Games section. There was a nice boom of little games and demo's made from 2014 - 2018. It just doesn't seem like that anymore around here. 

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    2. Josh


      This is expected after putting all development effort into new technology for several years. My plan is to lean on enterprise B2B VR since that is more reliable than Steam sales, and then use that to give a better product to indie devs.

      The lowest point of activity was probably around Christmas, and since then I have seen things starting to pick up again as the new engine gets closer to usability. It's hard to completely replace your technology, and the decision to use Vulkan probably added an extra year of development time.

      I am making progress with the enterprise angle. My ITSEC 2020 talk was accepted, and I will have a booth there in December. Oculus VR and another space center just ordered the enterprise version of LE4.

      Going forward, the forum is going to feel the same, but I think we will attract more professional users, especially ones making VR games. The aerospace and defense users aren't ever going to post on here, you will only read about that in press releases (if at all). I think you will see a new surge is activity (and a new game tournament!) when the programming SDK is released.

      I like this approach because it provides predictable income and a real ability to scale, and it gives me a solid direction. The direction the enterprise users need is "turn everything up to 11" and this is something I am happy with. That was how Leadwerks Game Engine started, before I went with the "hey kids, make games!" angle that worked well on Steam.

    3. Marcousik


      Maybe there are people working step for step on bigger project... My part, I m still moving forward in making a fun open world game, I feel good with this that the last version 4.6 is so stable and let me progress in one direction. I hope this version will never be removed, for any reason. As one developer with no much time, it could request years to get finished, but that is OK, no need to hurry and it has to stay fun.

    4. aiaf


      Yep , doing the same , i have one big project that is slowly progressing for the last 4 years.

      A steam release will be this year and then i move to smaller games, this was too much.


      Guess many people are waiting for LE5


  13. Rick

    Forth demo 1

    @gamecreator What would you say in your and Jorn's experience during that project was the issue (you mentioned it worked OK not great). Just curious on others viewpoints on that topic.
  14. Rick

    Forth demo 1

    @gamecreator It's a tough balance because being the only coder on a team like that can be overwhelming too. Perhaps 2 coders is ideal but with very clear separate ideas on what they work on. One being player oriented and another world event oriented (this would be the single scripts like buttons to open doors, puzzle things, etc). That would probably work better as they won't step on each others toes. In such a situation the player coder always has the hardest job though. Correct movement (some games can be elaborate in this), inventories (this is a whole thing of it's own), weapons, etc are n
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