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  1. When I was playing with this idea I was doing a treadmill system. A 3x3 grid where the player always stays in the middle tile. When they move "left" for example and get close to the edge of that middle tile it would load in the 3 new tiles to the left of the most left 3 tiles and then when they actually crossed the line it would swap the entire grid position wise and then move the player back. Since everything moved relative in 1 go the player would never tell the difference. It would then unload the right most 3 tiles that aren't needed anymore. In my case it wasn't real terrain but modeled terrain and it was all flat. Given LE didn't have multithreaded loading of assets all assets had to be loaded up front so instances could just be created which was more instant.
  2. You are most likely offsetting. I think the editor might have a setting for this?
  3. Rick

    New game engine examples

    Resident Evil 2 Remake all the way. Pretty easy mechanics. Puzzles that would work well with the scripting side of things. Smaller kind of map zones making it easier to extend by people. Doesn't require a ton of enemies at one time. Easy enemy mechanics, they basically just slowly follow you.
  4. Is the network stuff available to Lua yet?
  5. Then you should be able to make the user data that you set a list of objects that you can add/remove from.
  6. To me it's more about the convenience and perceived expense. If I can pay $20/mo to play top end games all the time and cancel at any time then that's a good deal considering a top end gfx card costs around $300+. I mean if I can play in a browser on a chromebook what cost me $200 total then I call that a win!
  7. When dealing with crouching it has to do with the character controller. In your screenshot we can't see your character controller as you don't have physics debugging enabled. If you are able walk under that ceiling you have, then crouching is working. Crouching in SetInput() has nothing to do with your character model itself. If you want your character to appear crouching then you'll have to manually play that animation on your character model to get that.
  8. It is my belief that stream playing games is the future and will be here in the next 10 years as a good quality (things are still shaky right now) at min. However watching video is completely different than what this is. The input lag has been the main issue with this stuff. Having enough bandwidth to send the result frames to a person was only a matter of time in speed/bandwidth which was inevitable as things are always getting faster. Not experiencing input lag, especially for fast twitch online games, can be a challenge since your input has to take an extra few hops now. Before it was from your PC to the game server. Now it's your PC to the cloud streaming your game, to the game server. In this model it would make sense if the game servers were actually in the same datacenter as the cloud streaming your game to make that step as fast as possible but this would be a lot of coordination with game devs and leave out the little guys game trying to compete in this space most likely.
  9. function UpdatePlayer() end This is a global function and once defined you can call it from any script in your app. The other one's scope is on that entity only. So you'd first need a reference to that entities script (like entity1.script:UpdatePlayer()) to be able to call it. Note that inside UpdatePlayer() you can't use the normal self.entity because inside that script it doesn't know anything about that. So global functions work on global data or data you pass into it from a parameter (in this case you have no parameter).
  10. There are a few companies doing this same idea. NVidia has it's own game streaming service in beta right now. However they work with your games that you own. You give them your steam/ubisoft/epic/whatever launcher id/pw and they validate you have the game and then it'll launch in the cloud for you to stream play. The benefit is this is a better transition from where we are then Stadia is. Not to mention NVidia should be able to figure it out well given they can make custom gfx cards for this if they want.
  11. Sounds a lot like mobile back in the day. If it's not making money and is a pain to support then it should probably have the same fate.
  12. This was created in 2015 :). I'll have to decline to get you that file lol
  13. Rick

    Fun with Stateless API

    I suppose the closest you could get is having static methods on the class that do the same thing as your straggler C methods. Might help with intellisense to have that instead of having to remember?
  14. Rick

    Fun with Stateless API

    For 2, in the C++ realm isn't it kind of "ugly" to have straggler C functions?
  15. Rick

    Fun with Stateless API

    Just to play devils advocate, instead of having global functions like CreateBox() CreateCamera() and passing in the world, what about functions tied to the world itself like world->CreateCamera(), world->CreateBox()?
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