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  1. This is a great post! Thanks! Jason
  2. Jason W


    Very nice! Your icons look familiar I look forward to more updates. Jason
  3. I was not blaming Josh. I also understand it's not it's not engines fault if there is a bug in the video card drivers. I was just stating that this engine is not the best due to an outstanding issue with existing hardware. Also, testing (Josh and/or testers) the engine against current hardware could of been reported to ATI sooner prior to release. This was not a hard problem to catch. I was just as excited like all of you when you first loaded up 2.3, but kicked between the legs when I could not enjoy it once it was running. I'm not disappointed customer, just a little frustrated. Jason
  4. Lumooja, Why do you say that? Since the 2.3 release, there has been a skybox issue affect ATI users. I know Josh has submitting an issue with ATI to fix this, but it still exists. Until hardware released issues are fixed and an offical game/app has been published, then your words may ring true. Plus, if anyone did publish anything with LE, they still will have an issue with ATI users running thier applications. Even with 2.2#, I did notice some of the demos had rendering issues (maybe an ATI issue as well). I did not report them because I assumed they were already. I'm not bashing LE, because Josh has did an amazing job based on what I have seen. I am looking forward to using the same engine as nvidia users. Jason
  5. Hi Puki...where have you been? Miss your banter on BB. Jason
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