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  1. Has anyone gotten the c# wrapper for RakNet working? If (you have && you give me a copy) { I love you forever;} Writing the server in c++ has made me pull my hair out to the point where I'm now looking for libraries that work in both c# and c++, but RakNet is the only one (with a decent license), but you have to do a lot of strange things to get it going. I've tried APlayStudio, but there's very little docs, and keeps crashing for me.
  2. I'm working on the dedicated server at the moment, but here's Lake Tumbleson now with rocks and less glitches!
  3. what always gets me in c++ is accidentally going outside of array bounds, or providing null references (took me a while to figure out what a segfault was).. It'd be awesome if you could disable memory leak detection for certain areas of code like Lua.
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    Oh wow, didn't know that existed! I'll try it as soon as I get home
  5. sounds to me like a missing dependancy. I'm not entirely sure of the dependancies for LE on windows, but I'd say it would at-least require MSVC2010 runtime. Ensure that is installed to begin with.
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    Background I've got a lot of trees on my map, and that's fine I've devised a way of lowering the polycount and render calls my dynamically making billboardish type models that generate on map load. But I need more view distance for the high quality trees, and at the moment it's only 10 resulting in between 25-100 high quality trees at once, and you can see the switch between low and high quality trees. The tree low/high quality switch is done by discarding pixels from the low quality mesh if they are too close, and spawning the high quality tree. Question Is there a way to setup my trees to be instanced, a lot of them have the same model, and instancing would definitely increase the FPS.
  7. Just felt like showing off my re-do of my reflections (W.I.P).. It's a lot more work than just a shader unfortunately otherwise I would share.. I might make a video tutorial sometime eventually... Note: in this version there is no plane, it's entirely post-process. I do draw a plane on its own to a buffer to get depth values however.
  8. is it possible (in c++) to take an entity, and have it part of a second 'world' object, so moving it around, will move it in both? Also the ability to have the terrain duplicated in both worlds is a requirement. This is so I can configure what is rendered in reflections by creating a reflected world, and only adding objects I want to be reflected, then when I render the reflection buffer I'll only draw the reflected world.
  9. Hey there. In one of my projects I keep the default camera in my project, however, during load-time, I search the map for key entities*, one of these key entities is a camera, if one is found, it'll delete the default camera, and use the one in the map. I don't seem to have any problems with this, and it works as expected. If you want to simply store a location for the camera to move to (maybe a security camera, or cut-scene) I'd use a pivot, and lock the camera to that pivot *It's useful to search the map for key entities all at one time so you can reference them later. Example: Spawn Points, HeightMap I made a LoadMap function that wraps the Leadwerks LoadMap function to give all the extra functionality of referencing important entities, and in my case generating trees, and water.
  10. I'm not sure what it's like for you, but for me, I click my name (top right of this page), then go to client area, go to purchases, click the product, and there's a download link for windows and linux. But mine was pre-order so may be different.
  11. The FPS is ok, it is terrible in debug mode because calling the update function is too slow. However in release mode it is playable. Also don't try it in LUA, it will only work in c++. I was getting between 30 and 60 fps depending on view distance, unfortunately I accidentally lost all my projects that weren't backed up and this was one of them . You'll see the FPS in that particular screenshot is 29, I did eventually get it more optimized. If the engine ever allows generating models on another thread this will be perfectly viable. It only stutters in debug mode, or generating more than 3 chunks per frame. EDIT: Oh yeah, I don't think that was generating any collision geometry...
  12. I made a vehicle system once, it was super glitchy I programmed the springs myself using a hing joint and applying force using scripts to keep it at a certain angle I'm sure there's got to be a better way to do it though. Adjusting how much force was applied would adjust the spring stiffness, increasing force the more angle it was away from it's target angle.
  13. I've been using Blender since I was 13 Geez that's 12 years now o_o
  14. Hey guys, I'm trying to get the shader for adjusting plane clipping values at runtime. When I do: Material* Mat = terrain->GetMaterial(); I get a null reference What's the correct way of doing that? Also, adding the terrain object to the documentation would be awesome
  15. Thanks for the reply, I know you must be a busy guy. I found it, now just to figure out how to access the terrain shader. Here's the post on OpenGL.org that helped me for anyone else out there needing to find out how to do this.
  16. Just FYI here's what I have so far, the map is LakeTumbleson. And has over 200,000 trees. I can't easily remove the glitchy spots in the water where the sky is cutting out the reflection, that is until PlaneClipping is added. As you can see it's very much a W.I.P and me and my team-mate are keeping the game quiet until we're sure we're going to finish it, this is mainly just a test to see what we can do at this stage. EDIT: Yes, there are trees in the water, the tree generation system still needs some fine tuning lol
  17. gah, Yes, just found that out the hard way lol, after several hours getting my shader right, I realised that I can't get the pixel behind the bit that gets masked out lol... back to the drawing-board.
  18. I just had a stroke of genius What I'll do as a temporary solution is render the scene ONLY with the water plane, then when I render the reflection camera I'll remove any pixels with less depth than the plane. Pretty crappy work-around, but at-least it'll let me get a screenshot up
  19. I've scoured the site, and can't find how to implement Plane Clipping, I need this to create water reflections. It's simple to implement via OpenGL, infact the commands are below, can it please be wrapped in Leadwerks? A quick side-question, can we actually call OpenGL commands ourself? double plane[4] = {0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0}; //water at y=0 glEnable(GL_CLIP_PLANE0); glClipPlane(GL_CLIP_PLANE0, plane); RenderScene(); glDisable(GL_CLIP_PLANE0);
  20. Cheers! I was actually just about to ask this
  21. I'm using SVN for a project that I'm working on, my friend is currently only working on the server (at-least until he can afford his own Leadwerks copy), but we also have the project including the netcode documentated in the SVN too
  22. Hey guys, sorry to bug you again. I'm working on the water rendering in my game, and need some help getting a reflection buffer, one example I saw just renders the scene with a flipped vertical axis on the ModelView matrix, but I can't see how to change that in Leadwerks. Can someone point me in the right direction, thanks! The example that I saw: http://ivanleben.blogspot.co.nz/2008/03/water-reflections-with-opengl.html EDIT: Forgot to mention, I'm using c++
  23. Ok, so my Crawler looks perfectly fine, I also use this computer to play multiple games (Kerbal Space Program, Metro: Last Light, Warframe via wine) but for some reason when I try to use multiple surfaces on an animated mesh, I get missing polys shown in the video attached. Please help! Note: The head doesn't have any material applied to it, which is fine (but of course no animation) EDIT: It does happen with the crawler now, not sure what I changed :/ EDIT2: Found that my model loaded perfectly before loading, it wasn't until I resized it in the Leadwerks model editor that it started getting symptoms. Photo below (Left: Before editing in model editor (this is how the model is meant to look), Middle: After editing in model editor, Right: Unedited crawler)
  24. Internet is on it's way (probably the next 5 days), sorry about being offline for so long :/

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