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  1. I have not tried any of your suggestions. I have to work this week end but I will try these steps asap! Thanks a bunch!
  2. Without looking too far I wouild say it is because Leadwerks is "already running".... in the process tab! To check this CTRL+ALT+DEL. choose Task Manager. If you have windows 10 then look in processes tab under APPS as well as BACKGROUND PROCESSES. Look for Leadwerks item. iof there is one then click on it and then click on End Process. then go back to steam and try again to open leadwerks, it should work Unless perhaps a security enforces something against Leadwerks such as for example Norton internet security for odd reasons and various reasons prevents the use of leadwerks somehow. Then in your firewall, go to your program control, you need to set ALL steam items (2 or maybe 3, I dont remember correctly) and Leadwerks to "ALLOW" or "OPEN" or "SAFE" or "Green light" depending what security sofware you use.
  3. Hello, I have already asked this question a few weeks ago in another thread which was not answerwed thoroughly in spite of good intentions. I also sent an Email to Leadwerks contact which was never replied I purchased Leadwerks through this website (Not Steam) roughly a year ago or so. It says Standard edition. 1) Is there anyway I can get to my license key somehow on my hard drive or would it be possible to get it from Leadwerks? I recently purchased a laptop and I need leadwerks on it so I can work on the go. Now it was mentioned in another thread that I may have bounce my license to Steam which I do not mind as long as I retain what I purchased which is NOT AN INDIE license!
  4. Email I sent to contact was never answered or I never got any answer at least. I have a workstation upstairs. I checked the license in the software directly, I was hoping to gather my key but it only says standard. Is there away to collect the license key on my computer???
  5. what do you mean? I bought the full license @$ 149 or $ 199 if I remember correctly and it was here on this website. I have steam of course but it is not in my library nor is it free! How do I download and install Leadwerks on this laptop with the proper key license I purchased?
  6. Hello, I am happy to have a new laptop. I purchased Leadwerks a while back, a year or so ago from this website. Where do I go to download leadwerks? I cannot find it anywhere :-( Thank you
  7. Video games will be made from my dreams the day computer can understand my dream and thoughts. In the meantime we can only interpret what we want the game to be like.
  8. My bad, An email was sent to me on my daughter's birthday and then I was not back online until next week end so I missed the grand standalone opening :/ Thanks anyway
  9. you can run Steam Offline, it is not necessary to have it online to play games, same must apply to Leadwerks. Although When are Standalone users capable to finally download Leadwerks Standalone?!?! Are there still so many bugs that the standalone cannot ship for digital downloads? I wait since March but others wait since well longer while we all see Steam version user playing, toying, tinking with Leadwerks. Any estimated time?
  10. I have a different number, might this number be for reference to help Leadwerks somehow if issue(s) arise?!?! In any case, if it says you are pending for payment or software paid already then all is good. You will able to download the engine as soon as it is released. I would guess, keep checking for your payment to go from prending to "paid", the engine will be yours as soon as it is released. Thanks Gamecreator, I was not aware of name>Client Area>Transaction
  11. Cassius, Tree may seem high in polycount indeed but I do not believe in polygon shrinker, I always had issues somehow where quads become tris here and there, or deformation is such that the model did not remotely look like the original. Try and see, I hope you get better result. Though this is not the last step you can use. You can also go dirty, open the model somehow in a 3D application, look at the mesh model and look at the faces and edges in UV editor, then cut faces or edges and reform where it is convenient to you. Also you can do some retopology, it is not a traditional method per se on low polygonal mesh but hey who says there is a rule to anything 3D coat is pretty good for retopo, I prefer to 3D coat to Maya 2012 or Max 2012 for example. Rastar, Yes I just found Forester yesterday, it is affordable. They have 3 types of license, though the reason why I did not purchase right away is with license aggrement page that I need to re-read again, I was in a hurry and flew over license agreement. it sounded quite strange whereas no matter what happens, assets are foresters property (I hope I am completely wrong and misunderstood everything).
  12. Hi Gamecreator, I just bought per-order 3.1 and I am waiting too Hopefully it should not be too long til it is released.
  13. Cassius, Look into branch tab in sub-division, maybe there are too many branches, Uncheck Cross Horiz. geometry and uncheck cross vert. geometry if you do not need them. Also look for both trunk sub division.
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