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  1. Is there ability to invert mouse in LE editor? like if I move my thumb forward it would look down instead of up? if you are curios this is what I'm used to from age of 3 now I'm 25, ...
  2. MilitaryG

    Shifting focus

    I do understand your feelings but what I don't understand is why are you going away from LE forever? If something doesn't change in LE? AFAIK you never had so many features in the beginning when you started using LE but you were still using it. this is something I can't understand, ... uninstalling LE just because of that? I still use my previous Engine that I used to use allot, ... Also if something new is not what you would like you don't need to support it, ... - buy it. You can still use old versions. I decide what engine I will use is for what it is, ... not for what it will be. This Pre-Order was an exception but still, ...
  3. MilitaryG

    Shifting focus

    Well josh I can see with this steps you made that you are going to become 1 of the most successful persons on planet, now you decide is that good or bad, ... I don't like saying hey that's good or hey that's bad, ... I kinda don't even understand if something is good or bad most of the time, ... everything is good and so everything is bad I don't know what to chose so I chose way of thinking not good nor bad, ... I hope I did made my self understandable, ... I know I'm complicated human being, ...
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    Shifting focus

    This is BIG news BIG news indeed. I guess world has to start crumbling under your feet now. I think at least 20% feel like me I'd rather buy software and go to linux for good than stay on windows and use free Unity 3D. and I mean even 20% is allot.
  5. MilitaryG

    Shifting focus

    You are wrong Why more Linux people Because others like unity doesn't want to make Linux editor. IF unity would said we'll start developing Linux Editor I would have never even look for alternatives but hopefully wait. And you are right, features that will be made in future will probably be present on both platforms. But what OP wanted to state is they aren't focusing on features but on platform. so this argument that you are right is completely off topic.
  6. oh my it's contagious, ... how did that happen? Ps. it's joke.
  7. MilitaryG

    Shifting focus

    oops yeah sorry hater I always type it heater, ... so I couldn't even spot a typo, after looking for it, ... yeah but I'm a hater for a reason, .... Remove that reason and I won't hate M$ also removing that reason will be mission impossible.
  8. MilitaryG

    Shifting focus

    Neighter. What's wrong if I understand him. it's just new stuff doesn't meet his needs. what else could we Linux community say to him. We won't say you are a moron like Windows community says constantly to us if we use Linux. he's just ordinary Windows user who get's nothing out of this new things. As it's for Linux. It will be same for me when they will go on android but still I'll be happy to have an engine to use. I probably won't support much new stuff as I'm indie dev. Did I explain well your curiosity?
  9. MilitaryG

    Shifting focus

    I think that it is core coded separatelly but I'm not sure. I do remember something in Unity #if Android // ... code #end if #if windows // ... code #end if I can't remember the details, ... Back on topic. Well I have a suggestion for you. I was using Unity 3D engine as it is. All features were a "blessing" IF I'd get more features I wouldn't even notice. I wasn't even looking forward to new features. OFC they help but still. So my suggestion for you is if you don't find new features good don't buy. If you think supporting porting to Linux is good than do buy it - even if you will have nothing out of it. feel with your empathy and that's how you'll make the right choice. But even if I'm a windows hater and Linux fan I completely understand you.
  10. Thanks for info. And actually my specialty is CPU and RAM. I'm doing infinity games and I suck at graphics. So floating balls is good enough for me.
  11. what I'm after is OpenGL 4.0 + here I get nothing. http://www.nvidia.com/content/HelpMeChoose/fx2/HelpMeChoose.asp?lang=en-us here says 400 + http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenGL#OpenGL_4.4 here says 9600 is Open GL 2.1 http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-9600-gt/specifications how would I find minimum graphic card with OpenGL 4.0? I'm confused with the series they are making, ... Also I'm confused with the all different producers, like: Nvidia Gigabyte Asus I thought only Nvidia produces Nvidia Geforce graphic cards, ... I need OpenGL 4.0 + for LeadWerks engine, ...
  12. WTH, ... why does it work doing such small change, ...
  13. MilitaryG


    No I wouldn't support 24/7 just a simple 3DGUI for simple tasks, ... oh and OFC you get a source code you don't get closed source so you need to use source code and use it. it's actually calling only 1 static class. you are also able to tell from witch coords and rotation to go forward "Layouting, ..." so you can change gui according to your needs. also Toggle button has a reference like: bool button = false; GUI3D.Layout.ToggleButton(ref button, "Text"); it always returns reference but if button is not clicked on the button does not change. while Unity style is: bool button; button = GUILayout.ToggleButton(button, "Text"); it's only about heaving a simple gui to prototype stuff, but it might even get begger if community imputs their knowledge and time. Also if community does it allot I'll provide source for free, ... it actually does same as Unity GUI. Except textures, ... you'll have to change prefabs of all ASCII your self, ... it is very easy to use, ... you can use for simple labels anywhere you want it'll pop out on your screen. you get returned reference of the object(label) and you can change it. that method does not need Update. but you can also loose the reference and the object will be there for the rest of the program. GUI3DSto LabelSto; float Top = 5; float Left = 5; Vector2 TopLeft = new Vector2(x, z); GUI3D.Label("Text", TopLeft); // is a reference lost LabelSto = GUI3D.Label("Text", TopLeft); // is a reference to Label stored Also most of the buttons and stuff returns true if clicked on, for example float scroll does that, if you change the value by dragging it it will return true. you use it like this: float SomeValue = 0.5f; float MinValue = -10f; float MaxValue = 120f; GUI3D.Layout.ScrollBar(ref SomeValue, MinValue, MaxValue); // returnes true if float has changed. the only input where is allot of checking is actually chacking if all strings are same as they were previous frame. Except if you don't have it in Update witch one you have to change manually. I couldn't find any solution for that Nor do I have for any other way, ... because if user changes the text than first thing happenes all ASCII are returned to pool and brought back accordingly to the text. ALSO there are non in pool in beginning and as soon as there need more to be created more are instantiated and given in to pool for later use WHEN they are not needed. they aren't in pool IF they are in use. also in pool there are only unused objects AND only deactivated ones. I think I was 3 months old programmed when I created my own pool of this kind. It was easyer for me to create objects in code with it. than with that strange unity doing, ... and yes if NOESIS comes out and shows itself better than mine, ... I'll probably use it, ... but else I'll use my design I mainly like my design more because I can change it on my will. I can change other designs like Unity bunch of closed sourced stuff, ... I can't even change for Toggle to return pipe instead of changed value.
  14. MilitaryG


    talk all you want, ... but no GUI system can't avoid catching mouse buttons, and keyboard events in order for GUI to work properly, ... Now I know Unity has a bad design what's about repainting and stuff like that, ... I don't trulley understand everything, ... But actually my system does not repaint and stuff like that each frame it only replaces all objects each frame something was changed. If Noesis GUI has buttons and stuff it also has to have catching procedures it cannot work otherwise, ... I've tried on Unity doing it different way but it just seems to be impossible it's too much closed engine. I'll see if I'll manage to change it in LeadWerks, ...
  15. there is a numlock to be able to trigger on Linux remotely. /etc/slim.conf edit line: numlock on // off altho this probably won't solve bug but I think it's a workaround.
  16. MilitaryG

    Refocusing on the PC

    is this RL picture or is it really good graphics with very bad road, ... I can't tell, ...
  17. Leadwerks engine come out, come out wherever you are, ...

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      don't know who's worst me or you, ... @Shadoh

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      Thursday or Friday! Watch some movies or something before then.

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      Friday is like ages from now, ufff :((

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  18. No I think it does not help. I can't tell as I don't have Engine yet, ... what we do need is Package dependency - I don't know any Packages from the top of my head but I'd say like: OpenGLlib4.321 GUIManagerlib2.32 ... what I would like is list of this kind of packages. Also on other distributions there could be Package dependency problem. like LE needs certain package let say "pacName1" but the OS needs "pacName2" there's no problem here Except that "pacName2" does not work well if there's "pacName1" installed Do you understand my meaning? OR, ... if this is the other libraries and stuff, than it would help:
  19. Oh I'm kinda sad now as my favorite OS is manjaro. Any way I more wander what packages does LE use. I think that is much more important for different Linux distributions. As than we can just install that packages and we're same as we would be on Ubuntu, ... Also that's how we do stuff at Linux. we have programs that depend on other Packages.
  20. as Admin said "for now" well that's for now and probably in future there will be optional steam key or LE key.
  21. ah well I guess I'll have to buy 2 LE 3.1 to get it as I desire, ... Anyway it won't cost me much as I have a plan to give josh another 150€ if the Engine really is gr8 as I've read. and another 150€ next year even if I won't need the features that were created. but I give my self a target that at least 500$ and max 1.5k$ I would spend to support Good Linux Engine Editor. why max 1.5k$? - because I was ready to spend 1.5k to support unity 3D engine if they port it to Linux, but they will never see my money. I think my budget to josh is pretty much very high as I'm an indie dev. ALSO If my games will get reputation and I'll get money I might support this engine pretty much allot more than today. because I'll have budget witch I'll be able to spend.
  22. I think Josh will start something on bug fixing, ... I think he invested loads of time for Linux editor I read that he was working on LE alone till today and I read that he's next step is to hire few people. Witch means more hands - also means more bug solving. I don't think it's just the features I think it's also stable system that matters most and above all platforms on witch you can make and publish.
  23. I kinda disliked all the LE tutorials I saw, too much handholding and no scripting. I'll probably do bunch of tutorials my self, as there's non good ones on net. But as I saw you being able to do bunch of stuff with scripting - that's my place. But I'll have to learn my way around LE first. I just hope I'll like it. Josh says I will, so I have a good faith in it.
  24. I preordered, is it possible to have both? OLD style and steam? Asking because I might want to use workshop in future, but I'm no fan of steam. So that if I desire to install LE I might install it over steam or without steam. OFC it will happen that I'll install LE more than just once. 1. Windows so that I translate my Unity projects to LE. 2. Linux. and if I'll want to change the distribution or hardware or whatever I'll install it 3 or more times.
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