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  1. ah now I get it thanks yeah I know he doesn't have to, I was just wandering.
  2. Kickstarter pleged: 42,358$ And I was wandering how many are there of us that didn't pledge on Kickstarter but actually Payed for Preorder. I think the sum is more for at least 1k, ... if not more I ain't sure. also Offtopic Q why is LeadWerks LE I'm constantly seeing this in forum why not LW - Lead Werks
  3. wait won't we get License code on this site? I bought Preorder here, ...
  4. Today I just made a big cage for my mouses. Frame and Plexi glass is done tomorrow I have to attach floor and some specials on top.

  5. @GameCreator how do you make a ragdoll? I guess it's a similar thing and try turning head manually of ragdoll. tho I don't know why you have joints but whatever, ...
  6. It doesn't matter if VR would cost even 50k€ the little people will still be able to use it but much more rarely. thing is 1 company buys such a device buys plenty of games and sells the time using them. it happened before for computers that weren't even 500€ and will most probably happen now. problem is what is facebook poking it's nose in here and yes it's internal design will be worst ever.
  7. I think it can be done but the system that's in your mind is complicated, so is programming it.
  8. I'm not sure what planet I'm from it's full of **** here.
  9. actually I don't like that 1 bit. I'm not on facebook cuz they cheat on people. What will we see next time Oh my if someone got scarred in horror movie with a creepy voice acting he'll never be able to get a job? Good Job!!! Stuff should be anonymous but they are trying to provide data. Not to mention in a way for spying after you.
  10. don't know but the only one that I have nothing against is Google. Also I think you should include USA, because a country is always poking it's nose where it does not belong to.
  11. oh right at first I thought it's an image, ...
  12. MilitaryG


    but anyway would you be interested in something like this?
  13. OK I do get it so Look my second post, ... as first one is totally out of scope. Ok first thing what other things. 1. Start SLOWLY!!!!! After each number test your code!!! 2. make static map and ball - ball must not affect map position. !!!! 3. make column on map as child of map - columns must not affect map position !!!! 4. throw ball in to column - column must not move but ball must react !!!! 5. rotate the map. grant parent - everything must rotate correctly !!! 6. if all steps went well you have skeleton you wanted. IF not don't go further !!!!! solve what you still can't solve. and most importantly now you have a mini project to deal with code stripped down in to a just a fraction and it's easy to deal with.
  14. MilitaryG


    I know IT could be placed in ShowCase but non of the work has been done yet. if you think I should place this thread someplace else say it. ANYWAY would you be interested in a GUI3D that works similar than OnGUI() - GUI.Layout on Unity 3D Engine? OFC it has to be inside Update() - for unity 3D EXCEPT if Leadwerks has an option to run the function IF button was pressed. by Update() I mean each frame catching IF any button was pressed. I did the GUI3D for 2 reasons: OnGUI didn't work on my laptop with Linux - main reason was intel GPU. OnGUI didn't have the behaviours I wanted - like return IF anything was pressed. - it was returned void almost always. Also Toggle button does not return if you click but it returnes the reference to your bool and if you press the button it changes the reference, ... any way more efficient + it's 3D and there are options you can make it different angles and so on with ease, ... show off: using System; using UnityEngine; public class TestScript : MonoBehaviour { void Update(){ GUI3D.Layout.Start(); GUI3D.Layout.Label("free"); GUI3D.Layout.Label("free1"); GUI3D.Layout.Label("free2"); GUI3D.Layout.End(); } } Resault: How many of you would be interested in my GUI3D And How much would you be prepared to pay?
  15. Are this meshes of enemies, materials and show of trailer scene included with engine, or is it only raw skeleton?
  16. he he I'd love it if it comes out as an RPG. like you can be a fish or a snail and all mushrooms are healthy and so on, ...
  17. Also I just done some tests in Unity, saw that if to "map" components is rigidbody attached the children will react to each other. BUT if map has only parent with component with rigidbody than children won't react to each other BUT entire map will react to outer physics. Also if you don't need map to be aplied from outer physics why do you have map as physics reaction? Make map static colliders and just rotate the parent Entity. and forces of ball or whatever will not interact with map but will apply it's forces on it's self only. so if ball and map get's in contact ball will move BUT map won't. I'm only guessing there's a possibility to do this - my sig says it all, ...
  18. why don't you rotate camera and ball instead?
  19. Whenever I go and google for anything that has keyword best is usually worst. If I'd go and google for worst I will get similar resault. How to find anything best that's really best marked by community and not mainstream advertizements? ATM I wanted to find best RPG games but some of them aren't even RPG games.
  20. I'm actually doing that with 2 things: array and parenting. once I don't need room I just throw in pool all child objects. but once I need room that's when I access array and load the objects from pool OFC they are positioned depending on the array. for easier creating array I did my self an automated function witch written me the array of rotation and quaternion.
  21. not really LOS is first checking if it's in front of you, after that you just raycast IF ray from you to target is clean. so if it returnes target it means it can see if returns wall or nothing means it cannot see OR it's too far away to pick anything.
  22. well rick is it more efficient than looking if it's less than 45° on the forward ray?
  23. I believe it's going to be in Tar.gz just like any other software that's not supported by distribution. And you'll have to build it manually. I'm not sure but I think you'll need to build in root. Well if that will be option I'll try to build it in root and guest as I'm wandering to what system files it does need access to change, ... Either in guest it'll crash OR nothing will happen when I'll give a certain command, ... BUT I would be pretty much amaized if it would be in reporsitory. - that's where you can only install with root, and there's automatization for build.
  24. I guess headache applies to the screen brightness. I do get headache if the screen has too much brightness. It was hard for me to find the LCD with possibility to set brightness as low as possible. Many people can't read black on white on my screen but thing is I can see better in dark than most people. So I guess getting the brightness on lower levels in VR screens would be the first part for saving the headaches. As for me and my standarts I probably won't get 1 for gaming for at least 10 years, cuz most companies never listen to customers. problem with screens is: If you set brightness to 0 it should be black. But once my dad bought me an LCD 19ˇ or something for birthday I lowered brightness and everything on 0 and my eyes still started to cry after looking 20 seconds. I was covering my eyes with hands to adjust the settings - it was horrible. But yes I do agree you probably won't use VR to develop but mouse or like you have: pain table.
  25. Well actually if you give me a clasic mouse my arm starts to hurt and I start to get angry on the clasic mouse after few minutes. what I use is trackball mouse - we call it just mouse, .... but what the heck I'm moving my mouse with my thumb. muscles get's adjusted and mind get's used to the thing, ... no big deal, ... but only shifting to less efficient -> no thanks, ... and that's more efficient in my opinion
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