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  1. I didn't said integrated I said possible to make. and yes most suggested using raknet. why I would I add this is because in Unity 3D it's impossible to make p2p networking.
  2. hey improve it a bit, ... Does Leadwerks 3.1 have any build in Networking support? No. Is it possible to create peer to peer in Leadwerks 3.1? Yes. well I don't have proof but I've asked about it and I got positive responce. but yes I do believe this has gotten forgot as I was searching for this and couldn't find it, ... Also why isn't this pinned?
  3. fjufff, ... glad it exists, ... wait so you can't parrent them in scene?
  4. wait you want to say you've never encountered parenting in LeadWerks? Oh my, ... if that's the case you'll need to implement it your self, ... I can't say that's easy, ...
  5. sorry don't know how newton engine works, I ment for you to make your own kind of "phisics engine" I also can't help much with scripts as I don't have tools. All I have is tools for Unity 3D and knowledge from there. I'm still waiting for 3.1 to be released, ... but anyway let say you make boat parent of motor. now motor is 45° turned and boat rotates in direction that motor is for 0.45° each frame. but because motor is child of boat the motor will stay at 45° and it will not turn. but boat will turn. well if you want to do with complete physics well good luck with that as people wanted to do it for normal walking and ended up using simulations - too much performance effective, ....
  6. by proper parenting I mean making 2+ objects. if you rotate the motor you don't want to rotate the boat. BUT the boat should slowly want to rotate in direction of witch the motor is or is it inverse direction, not sure, ... how fast it would turn you have to adjust that numbers in script.
  7. MilitaryG

    Time to Linux

    afaik the content of games only shows in mags IF the company pays for that not if game is good enough. I've never saw AAA game in any mags. except in good old days.
  8. still it's kinda same thing except that "motor" is not on the middle but rear. now like others said if there's a point force than use that else do it as I said. experimenting and tweeking and you'll get the numbers right, ...
  9. it's hard to w8 to get LeadWerks Engine.

    1. MilitaryG


      can you give me 1 little game with only gui?


      that's what I will be porting to LeadWerks first, my GUI3D

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      see download section. i´m not @ home ;)

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      Very soon...

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  10. well I don't know for my self. OFC it would be easyer for me if I'd have C# as I'm programming with C# in unity 3D BUT I think I'll get used to C++ Also I think it won't be that hard deal to do it, ... what I mostly care about right now is getting Game Engine to Linux. AND dump windows for gooooooood. Oh yes I'm a windows hater for a reason.
  11. oh this sounds it'll take another month till 3.1 released, ... I'm kinda sad right now.
  12. well IF you are only protecting the data you don't need to store the password. only thing you need to do is jumble the bit code and if wrong password is presentated you get jumbeled data. if you present right password you get data back in the correct order. but giving wrong passwords you could get anything from beautifull picture to beautifull song to just jumbeled data most of the times, ... would kinda be easyer to make stuff your self than doing it with force password breaker.
  13. loocky loocky a mouse user that has learned how to use trackball I've been using trackball mouse on desktop for years also I never liked normal mouse, ... I hate swinging with my arm. I love swinging only with my thumb.
  14. ok I don't know for how long is this going on but if from 3.0 to 3.1 is in few months I guess 3.0 should get 3.1 free. it's what we did support on Kickstarter 3.1 is already payed off double. Well I'm new user and even if it was already payed off I gladelly payed for preorder 3.1 few days ago. Also those people that earn money with games will easily afford 199$/month. who's complaining - People like me - that don't have any games published yet from witch to earn money. BUT I'm also 1 that's not complaining at this and if release is comming only 1 per year I wouldn't mind paying another 199$ ALSO for my programming habbit I probably wouldn't buy it for few years as I mostly don't care about graphics but about designing game play and that takes loads of time programming learning and adjusting. Also what's wrong with the old one? there's an old saying don't fix what aint broken. but even if till next year payable update I won't get any profit I'll still buy it because I support products that are made for Linux. ALSO IF in the kickstarter there would be more than max 2k missing I would give that 2k so I'd get it to linux. but the budged is doubled. But I have some else idea if Josh will listen to OFC I'll give it ONLY IF I will like the engine when 3.1 is released.
  15. it might be old post but I gotta say. Never underestimate the power Linux users are willing to give to their supporters. Linux users mostly has much more money in pockets, because big lobby companies have not dry us out. and we do support what's needed - not what's not needed. and this is something we desperatelly do need.
  16. yeah I Preorder it yesterday and got it today by help of Josh as I was paying with PayPal. now I'm only waiting for the release and I'll start programming in it. Anyway thanks for supporting Linux Software. Our community knows how to stand together.
  17. also I found this: It's big truth. and following the steps gives bad exp of the game.
  18. I can see you are trying to simulate the reality. thing is if you turn your sails the "boat" will go sideways it's same in RL but there's 1 thing you haven't in calculated witch is friction of water. in RL friction of water does actually force for boat to go aerodinamically and not sideways. what you need to do is 2 things make proper parenting and after sails are turned so the boat slowly turnes in right dirrection. without proper parrenting you'll be turning both instead of just desiered one. well I hope I did help enough and that I did understand the problem.
  19. sooo if object is little bit through floor than it'll go through floor physics won't bounce it back a little?
  20. watch all of this it's a good inspiration to make a good game play. I've been angry in just watching this and I'm many times when I try modern "AAA" games witch should be titles "FFF" games - Pure Garbadge. it actually makes me think it's DooM 1 too well I think it's a secret map on DooM 1 if I'm correct and if my memory is still in good shape. DANG I'll have to adjust my memory cooling system looking at this.
  21. MilitaryG


    that's because you don't have spellchecker on this forum, ...
  22. I write everything with UpperCaseCharacters even structures like this: int MyInt = 5; // instead of: int myInt = 5; I also have a habbit of programming not knowing what am I programming but I'm exploring what I'm able to do and using my knowledge I did an infinity Labirinth where you need to find 50 correct following hallways, witch on harder difficulties is hard and on 3D Labirinth seems more or less impossible. there are also keys and breaches you must open to get through and to find keys you must search in area where you can easily get lost, ... oh where was I oh odd habbits, ... I have a habbit of creating my own tools and modifieing them and improving them countless of times. I also make as much statics as possible but I never exced more than 1% statics in my game in the end. Another odd habbit is when I don't know how to continue I completelly rewrite entire program from scratch I written but this time I know what I'm aiming for + I have experience with my own program. Does anyone take this for an odd behaviour? Also I'm young programmer and I started programming on 2013 and till now I've never written a bug. well Last month it seems my habbits have changed as I've writen bug after bug and had to debug them, ... I can't really recall what I'm doing differently and I'd like get on my old tracks. maybe I started writing to fast I don't know.
  23. I think we are more like bullies for please make an Editor for Linux. than please make it opensource. I've seen countless times perswasions for something to get on Linux. and i've never saw a perswasion on please make it open source. but I did saw counter arguments that includes suggestion for opensource. Till now I've never saw Perswasion for it. dang where is the spellchecker there are some words I never know how to write, ...
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