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  1. well if there's set rotation, ... why don't you Lerp the set rotation?
  2. Wow how would you achieve that? but I'm very interested in that as I've seen my self in Unity 3D all the time creating something extended and I would gladely help contribute as much as I can. I hope I won't get ignored like I did in Unity. OFC I love coding and I don't like designing. I simply suck at graphics but good at coding.
  3. MilitaryG

    Time to Linux

    releast Linux first wait a bit so we do kinda same message toards windows as they were giving to us. Also it does make them want to get it right away and they will most probably want to get on Linux and will figure out hey this aint that bad, ... Also times are changing and Gaming on Linux is becoming more and more popular. I'ts getting here.
  4. Thanks Neuro now I know why I'm on manjaro and never liked Ubuntu so much. well ubuntu is more stable than windows but I did get impression ubuntu is pretty much buggy.
  5. hm no I have them only in overview well I have payed 1 and PayPal says it's item number 1411. under purchase there's non of them
  6. well that's a different story. Today as there's non good Opensource GameEngine he can get allot of money for little work. but if he opensource it and he is leading in knowledge and absorbing knowledge from others that did some things would or could even double his profit. BUT if Josh shows he's not that good than the rest of the community people would leave and donate their money elsewhere IF they get good engine enough for them selfs. so how much will he get does depend on him and comminty. you mean except? Well I don't want to write my OS either neighter does most of the Linux users but even so 1 new linux is published per month I think. It's about contribution I would contributre a bit while some others would contribute entire engine to world while reading this software and rewriting it in to totally different perspective. you are probably right, ... Well there's only a fraction of open source in the world I think - not entierly sure about that. We - people do understand other people - devs do need to eat and live just like we need to. But we won't support garbage. You are complettely right there. he's only 1 person and it would be most unlikely that there wouldn't be found 1 smarter than he is and change the engine in to better opensource one. BUT the community is what does mater and if Josh does help community build troubleshooting stuff and get good graphic stuff from opensource than he would gain win win scenario. His fear shouldn't be today's competetors because there are allmost non. if he's afraid to make it opensource his fear should be of future's competetors witch will apear. My strategy is to make an opensource game somehow I'll see how will I implement that in future.
  7. Today I just Preordered 3.1 So I voted 3.1 I'm waiting for it to be released so I can finally start programming in Leadwerks.
  8. MilitaryG


    I know others were saying gr8 things about your project, ... All I can say gr8 job on graphics and so on, I think all you can do with this is sell to someone with knowledge on gameplay. I know it's not finished but creating a good game play has shown it's particulary hard to make today in modern world but it was easy to create back than. it was impossible to make gr8 graphics back than but all they were focusing on was gameplay. So either you sell what you did or spend at least 20X more on gameplay than you did on graphic design. I'm sorry to say this harsh words but since Unreal Tournament (99) there wasn't 1 game worth my money. I don't care much about graphics and I think around 50% people doesn't much but when you start playing if it's good game play mind get's used to graphics and you complettely forget it's good graphics. while today modern games all they can show is graphics and that's what mind is only focusing on entire game as there's no game play. seeing my project might sick in graphics but has kinda ok game play and it's getting better.
  9. actually no it wouldn't be a horrible idea. and sorry I ment GameEngine editors, .... in Linux you too have to get used to it to know your self around it. and if Linux isn't stable or people can't get used to it it'll just die. but if engine is sucessfull and made a good move than the engine will thrive forward. also people that get used to engine that dies in a month they don't need to switch they can still use it and make a fork of that editor and make it an improved one that could lead in to heaving the best engine in the world even if it's highly unlikelly. also look around you have so many woman and not even 1 is same witchone will you choose? I guess heaving many engines is same horrible idea as is the reality how many different people exist. If you still think that's a horrible idea than you are living in a hrrible world and I'm sorry that you must lieve among us.
  10. Let's be honest. first of all if community did tell directly to the Unity team they simply ignored them. tell me if they aren't interested in the solutions on the plate why would they be interested in hard digging in code how does it work? I'd say open source would do a gr8 job, meabe create 1000 of new Game editors witch will die and thrive just like Linux. Also not to mention the benefit Josh would get from opensource as if he's interested in getting better code he could easily get it. just like Linux had many features before M$ took them for him self and people claiming it was M$ first, ... well Game Engine development would go even further that way in the world. Open source is the future.
  11. from the looks of it you are dealing with quaternion not rotation. I'm sorry I can't say anything in Leadwerks as I haven't tried it yet but in Unity 3D. we have Quaternion AND Rotation rotation is Vector3(x, y, z); Quaternion is Quaternion(x,y,z,w); I do not understand Quaternion my self but this 2 are totally different things. I suggest you try finding another method witch will have Vector3 Degrees and will work the way you want it to. in Unity 3D we would deal it like this: Transform ItemObject = transform; ItemObject.localEulerAngles = new Vector3(0,45,0);
  12. hmmm, ... this is weird in there says I have to pay for 2: 1. 1907 2. 1908 maybe because I reloaded the page because I had to deal with transfering my money from my bank to Paypal. but bigger issue is: I payed for item number 1411 or are those totally different numbers and that 1908 isn't item number??
  13. Ok firstly I came to this I was confuzed as I thought Editor was under Downloads section. Later I've figured out it's in Store Section. Than I've payed it after few conversations with the community here, I can say you can thank mostly Aggror and Evayr they kinda convinced me that customers are treated like kings here. So OK I've bought Preorder 3.1 - now what? - if I go to the store I see same thing again. - I got no email notification - I was searching the web and I saw there were some problems with Payment with PayPal http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/8918-solved-payment-expired/page__hl__payment - I cannot find neighter Payment in review nor Payment completed - I also have my Paypal ballance decreased and there everything says Completed, ... also as said before in forums I know I won't be able to program in Leadwerks editor today and will have to wait till 3.1 is realeased but I'd like to know where to watch. can someone help me navigate through this forum correctly please?
  14. 1. Does Leadwerks have Peer To Peer? Or is it same as in unity 3D that's impossible to make Peer to peer? 2. Does Leadwerks support heaving multiple scripts on 1 object like Unity or not? Basicly I'd like to switch because Unity will never do Linux Editor. And topics on Leadwerks are mostly gray and hard to find any good resources about it. 3. Also I've found that Leadwerks does not have royalties but is it possible to buy licence permanently like for unity or not? 4. is there a possibility of OnColliderEnter or OnCollisionEnter like in unity or would I have to implement that my self somehow? 5. are objects in scene accessed by reference of by value (searching for them each time). thanks in advance.
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