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  1. fredou54

    standalone zip password

    Well, I just have to start all over again .......
  2. fredou54

    standalone zip password

    Hello I have a little problem. I changed PCs I registered my game and I did a standalone game to get my work back but I wanted to recover all my assets and they are zipped with password. How can I recover them?
  3. fredou54

    gui menu

    Thanks alex it works
  4. fredou54

    gui menu

    I just tried to publish a standalone on my pc and I have no starter menu game (the game starts without a menu) I will not bother you with that for the moment, I will resume my level design and come back later on the subject. Thank you for your help and good game.
  5. fredou54

    gui menu

    Hello there is a menu only by pressing esc. what i would like to do is a boot menu (a start game button to launch the game) I do not know where to put it in the code (menu) thank you
  6. fredou54

    gui menu

    I thank you for your help but I do not really understand the procedure to follow. it's okay I'm going to fine tune my game in the meantime.
  7. fredou54

    gui menu

    Hello, I would like to make a simple menu to start my game. I looked on the forum but I still do not understand how to do it (I'm not at all coder lua). if anyone could help me or a tutorial would be welcome. Thank you for your cooperation and good game. (I am French) a small picture of my project
  8. fredou54


  9. fredou54


    just walk
  10. fredou54


    Hello what option to change in the monsterai code so that the zombies never run Thank you
  11. fredou54

    Leadwerks Extended Executable Template

    works well thank you
  12. fredou54

    Ball physics

    Hello, I'm looking for my project Lua code. A script with a gun or a hand that fires with physics balls (bouncing off the walls). Thank you to the one who could send me the code.
  13. fredou54

    Leadwerks Extended Executable Template

    Peut-on introduire Lex dans un projet déjà existant ? (Une explication video serait bien). Merci pour ton travail.
  14. fredou54

    Polymesh ?

    hello, in the new update 3.5 beta (or is Polymesh? function) ok I found.
  15. fredou54

    Leadwerks do launches more

    still the same problem http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/11319-leadwerks-do-launches-more/ merci.